Plan for North Hunnell Road Area Announced


The City has declared the area of Northeast Hunnell Road as an “unsafe campsite” (as defined in a City administrative policy) which will initiate an outreach process to support those living in the area and will eventually result in clearing the camps in March 2023.

Based on an assessment of the area of North Hunnell Road (between Cooley Road and a dead-end cul-de-sac to the north), including Loco and Clausen roads, the City has determined that circumstances around North Hunnell Road have created a threat to public health, safety and the environment. The assessment of conditions in the area was conducted between August 15 and November 15.

Vehicles and personal property are encroaching on traffic lanes, a concern for people living in and traveling through the area. Police dealt with 218 calls during the three-month assessment period, resulting in 43 criminal cases and 33 arrests. Other concerns include environmental impacts, some of them related to vehicles, and reports of fires.

Since mid-2020, the number and locations of camps in the area have varied, with a high of around 100 campsites. More recent counts show about 65 campsites are in the North Hunnell Road area.

The assessment was driven, in part, due to Oregon Department of Transportation and Deschutes County road construction projects in the area planned for early 2023. The road projects are anticipated to increase conflicts and safety concerns because the area will be used for heavy construction traffic. The City intends to close the area and require camp removal prior to construction. Closures and removals will follow all requirements of state law, including all required notices, storage of personal property and notification of service providers to support those who are survival sheltering in the area.

Between now and March 2023, the City will work with the new Coordinated Homeless Response Office, Deschutes County Behavioral Health and other entities that can provide services and relocation assistance to people camping at North Hunnell Road.

The Coordinated Homeless Response Office will lead efforts by social services, nonprofits and public agencies to work with unhoused individuals living in the area to determine their service needs, and provide case management and resources, with a focus on providing shelter and housing options to each person. This outreach and service provider presence in the area is expected to begin in January and continue through March 2023.

To increase the availability of places people can go, the City recently updated its codes to allow private or non-profit entities to provide temporary and permanent shelters in Bend and places for people to park safely overnight. The City has disbursed funding for the development of affordable housing and shelter beds. Additionally, the City intends to contract with Shepherd’s House to offer up to 32 additional shelter beds at the Franklin Avenue Shelter beginning in March, which would be an extension of the Navigation Center program and services including case management.

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