Pro-Knot Moves Headquarters from California to Bend, Oregon


(Photo above: John Sherry, founder and CEO of Pro-Knot)

Founder and CEO of Pro-Knot, John Sherry announced that he has completed a move of the business and his family from San Luis Obispo, California to Bend, Oregon. Sherry expects the move will allow the company to grow sales and distribution of its bestselling “Knot Card” products.

The twenty year old company’s unique waterproof plastic card-sets help people to tie knots for both fishing knots and rope knots. “Many people struggle to correctly tie knots, whether it is tying on a fishing hook or tying something with rope such as a kayak or a Christmas tree to the top of their car,” explains Sherry. There are a multitude of knot tying books available but we created our small, waterproof plastic cards so folks could have those knot instructions handy when they need them. They can be stashed in a glove box, tackle box, boat or backpack and referenced in the field when rope or fishing line is in hand and the right knot is needed.

The move has taken the company out of a home-based business environment to an office and warehouse space on American Loop in Bend and thus affords the company a workspace more conducive to having employees. Pro-Knot currently has two part time employees and is looking to fill several open positions in sales, marketing, general office and internet operations.
The cards are designed and packaged locally and printed and assembled offshore. The company’s first knot cards went to market in fishing tackle stores in California in 1993 and have gone on to become the best selling knot references in the US with nearly one million sold to date.

The Outdoor Knot version of the cards was recently featured in one of Cairn’s outdoor subscription boxes. “That is the kind of synergy with other outdoor companies that we are really enjoying, being located in Bend. The entrepreneurial business environment here, especially with outdoor product and service related companies is fantastic. We have also received wonderful support from individuals at Economic Development of Central Oregon (EDCO) and the group Oregon Outdoor Alliance, of which we are a member .” said Sherry.

The company also sells nine smart phone apps for knot tying instruction, for all phone platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows), and operates one of the most popular knot reference sites on the internet; which has over 140 knots illustrated, animated and explained. The site receives over one million page views per month and generates revenue for the company through ads.

“After researching the Bend area and seeing the great quality of life with so much to offer in terms of outdoor recreation we made the decision to move the company here. My wife Dena immediately joined a local running club and I joined the fly fishing club. We are out on a new trail every week with our daughter Jana and we are meeting so many nice people here. Combine that with the great business environment and support in Bend and we are very happy with our move!” said Sherry.

J E Sherry Company, Inc./ Pro-Knot, 61533 American Loop, Unit 12, Bend, OR 97702 805-544-3839,


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