Process and Capability of Progressive Tooling


Progressive Tooling is widely acclaimed and adopted metal stamping methodology in the manufacturing industry. Progressive Tooling involves creating components by a sequence of operations using a press. In this area of metal stamping a metal strip is worked on in multiple stages until the desired parts are created. The design of the setup is in a way that the material is automatically fed from a spool into the press and is stamped from one position to the next as it moves in the line, each position is designed to perform a specific stamping design operation thereby cumulatively creating the needed parts. An important aspect to note that only one single die is used for the entire set up.


Prior to the adoption of assembly line style of manufacturing parts were individually worked upon making process tedious and complicated, now with manufacturing lines production is more synchronous and scalable. Tool and Die Manufacturing Companies have applied the same in creating Progressive Tooling. There are various metal shaping approaches used in Progressive metal stamping, these are Coining, Bending, Punching, Wire forming, Fine Blanking and Deep Drawing.  Each of these presents a unique capability to manipulate the metal to transform it into desired shapes.

Progressive Tooling brings various advantages to manufacturing.  These are listed below

Speed – The continuous feeding of material and the process enables for fast operation thereby making way for quick production.

Less Wastage – The design also prevents from large scrap being generated as the material is efficiently worked on.

Easy Set Up – The setup is easy to install given the simplicity of the number of components involved.

Flexibility – As highlighted above, the die is designed with different abilities to stamp the metal hence various shapes are created using a single tool.

Endurance – The die mechanism also lasts longer and can be used for longer hours without affecting performance.

Low Cost – The setup and overall manufacturing costs are low thereby making it affordable and also helps with profitability.

High Volume – Faster production and continuous operation help in producing a larger volume of parts in a specific manufacturing cycle.

Eigen as a Tool and Die Maker offers Progressive Tooling services of very high standards. As part of our Tool and Die Manufacturing service line, we have in-house capability to manufacture custom progressive die designs based on customer specific requirements. We have successfully developed tool profiles up to 45 stages and have the resources to manufacture profiles of even higher numbers.

We are a Tool and Die Maker producing high quality, reliable and cost-effective progressive die designs. We have both the technology and skilled labor to consistently produce high-quality tools.

Eigen aims to meet customer requirements quickly irrespective of the volume of production needed. Partnering with Eigen ensures meeting expectation of high precision tools and on time delivery. Listed below are the advantages of choosing Eigen.

Eigen offers fast manufacturing with lowest cycle times per part for high volumes. Our equipment is quicker to set up. Our Equipment has the capability to do longer runs. As a consequence of the preceding points, we are able to offer a lower cost per part. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing we are able to accommodate quick modifications on the fly to save output and time. Our state-of-the-art equipment uses cutting edge technology to produce accurate parts with minimum wastage. We are able to produce lasting designs that endure for a long time. We ensure that our tool outputs are compliant with global industry standards.

The above reasons have made Eigen a go-to vendor for progressive die design solutions. We are proud to be a dependable partner for companies from various industries such as aerospace, electronics and electrical, industrial and consumer durables.


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