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Communication is more than just words; it’s a catalyst for meaningful action and positive change. Join us for an engaging communication workshop that promises to not only equip you with the tools to turn your words into impactful actions but also create a ripple effect of positive impact within your community.

Event Details:

About the Workshop:

This highly anticipated workshop, previously boasting a four-year waitlist at LinkedIn, is now available for you to seize. Led by Ashley Smith, Executive Director at M Perfectly, who brings a wealth of experience from training c-suite executives at LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and more. Ashley’s expertise lies in engaging audiences and creating a memorable presence.

Ashley Smith’s Journey:

Prior to founding M Perfectly, Ashley Smith spent years training top-tier executives, recognizing the transformative power of compelling communication. Driven by her instinct and understanding that effective communication leads to meaningful action, Ashley established M Perfectly, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women overcoming homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence.

M Perfectly’s Mission:

M Perfectly provides comprehensive education for women in recovery centers, focusing on financial literacy, communication, career development, health, and nutrition. These programs are designed to empower women through SMART goal setting metrics, offering a holistic approach to rebuilding their lives.

Community Impact:

Beyond her commitment to M Perfectly, Ashley Smith aims to enlighten the community about the organization’s significant impact. This workshop also serves as an opportunity to equip local leaders with exceptional communication tools, propelling their businesses and initiatives to new heights.

The Gift of Communication:

Communication is a gift that keeps on giving. When mastered, it becomes a force that transforms words into action, action into change, and change into impact. This workshop provides a unique chance to accept and harness the gift of effective communication.

Registration and More Information:

Limited spaces are available for this exclusive workshop. To secure your spot and gain access to transformative communication insights, click here.


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