Pros and Cons of Relocation to Nevada


Nevada is one of the US states with a thriving economy, beautiful nature, and landscape as well as a unique atmosphere. However, you may wonder why people decide to leave their states and exchange it for a measured life in Nevada. Naturally, every state has its pros that attract new residents and cons that make them think twice before relocation. Nevada is not an exception, so you should consider the following benefits and drawbacks of moving there before making a final decision.

Pros of relocation to Nevada

1. Lower taxes

One of the greatest benefits of living in Nevada is the absence of state income tax and individual income tax. As a result, people get more cash in their pockets. Other taxes are also not very high: sales tax is about 6.85% and there are optional taxes in this state that may increase the combined state and county sales tax rate by 8.1%.

2. Unlimited gambling

It is enough to mention the word ‘Las Vegas’ to understand what awesome gambling opportunities Nevada offers to its residents. Since this type of entertainment is considered illegal in other states, Nevada is a paradise for fans of casino games.

3. Beautiful nature

Nevada offers a very diverse landscape. You can see everything from vast hot deserts to high mountainous regions with snowcaps. It is home to beautiful parks and nature reserves where locals can take up a variety of outdoor activities. Moreover, there are many days of sunshine during the year so you can enjoy good weather almost on a daily basis there.

4. Cost of homes and much vacant estate

Despite the fact that the median home price in Nevada is a bit higher than the US one (, it does not mean that there is no affordable dwelling there. Naturally, the most expensive homes are in Las Vegas and Reno, but if you move to rural areas, it is not difficult to purchase a good house there. Moreover, many neighborhoods in Nevada are overbuilt so everyone can find a property there without much effort.

5. Unique customs and traditions

It is difficult to compare Nevada with other states due to its unique character. The individualism of the Old West that characterizes locals can be spotted easily. It is enough to remember such a unique festival as the Burning Man Festival where people show their talents in the middle of a desert. When it comes to culture, sports, and recreation, they are more available in two big cities of Nevada and are characterized by diversity since many new people have arrived in the state and brought about their piece of culture with.

Cons of moving to Nevada

1. High crime rate

It goes without saying that rural areas of Nevada do not feature many violent and property crimes, but things are absolutely different when it comes to large cities. The crime rate in Las Vegas and Reno is a bit higher than the national average one and it is quite disappointing for local residents.

2. Cost of living

It is not that cheap to live in Nevada since many experts say that you need 50% more money than in other states to feel well here. There are three main factors that impact the cost of living index negatively in this state: this is housing, groceries, and transportation. It is very expensive to own a vehicle in Nevada because of higher insurance costs and car registration fees.

3. Unbearable heat

Nevada is one of the highest-rated US states with the largest number of days of sunshine all year. However, it is too early to consider this information a benefit since in summer, this desert heat seems unbearable. The temperature reaches 110 F and higher making staying outside the building with an air conditioner real torture.

4. Poor education

Unfortunately, public schools in Nevada are known for their low rankings. The quality of education here is lower than anywhere else in the country. Neither pupils’ achievements nor financing is considered good here. Therefore, many locals decide to send kids to private schools and impacts their family budget significantly too.

5. Emptiness

Do you believe that it is possible to feel lonely in the state with over 3 million population? If you do not plan to live in Las Vegas and Reno with the total number of people of about 2.5 million together, there are many chances to feel estranged. In this state, it is very easy to find a remote place for a living but is it exactly the thing you wish?

Nevada is one of the fastest-growing states and this increase is mostly driven by people who arrive in Nevada for permanent living. A great number of people come from California and it is confirmed by many moving companies such As you can see, moving to Nevada has its pros and cons, so the decision to move must be evaluated twice before you call a moving company.


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