Psychological Tips Behind Poker


Prepare to find out how to become a successful poker player and learn to bluff like Felix in the same-named film by Sergio Corbucci.

Our poker tips and trick will not bring you a 100% winning percentage, but they will support you in becoming more confident about the poker game.

One of the core skills for poker gamblers is mental ability. Make sure to strengthen your mental skills and reach poker to test your abilities. Choose from live poker or visit online casinos for improving your performance.

Some gamblers want to play poker as “Casino Royale” legends. There are gamblers who have watched films and TV-shows about bluffing in poker. But, have you ever wondered if bluffing exists or cinematography wants to trick you. Reveal it as soon as possible.

Poker Hunter

At the beginning of the story, we can talk about bluffing. Here you will find out how to know if someone is bluffing. Make sure to read these and you can build a personal bluffing strategy. If you want to become hunter, then you should follow the next tips:

  • Avoid looking your cards when you receive them (if you watch cards, you can miss some gestures from opponents)
  • Follow the betting action of other players (by looking at chip stacks of the player you can conclude whether the customer is adventurous or pro)
  • Make sure to memorize styles of different gamblers

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Poker Mind Reader

If you decided to watch opponents and analyze their behavior, make sure to continue with the next steps. If you want to have advantage over other players, you must remember your card combinations and don’t look at them often.

  • Player which looks long at cards has a weak combination. On the contrary, the player with strong cards will look at them quickly and put them on the table. When you look longer at cards, it enhances the stress level as you try to process information.
  • Players who stare at another gambler longer than usual will probably bluff. Pay attention to your behavior and stop intimidating others.

Charismatic Poker Player

Poker gamblers should avoid playing the game in a mysterious way. Poker is about socializing and having some alcohol glasses with other players. When playing in a familiar circle, gamblers feel pleasant and don’t raise bets. It means that nor players win big, neither they lose much money.

  • Sounds suggest that players have to deal with emotions. Perhaps, they have good combination so they feel more confident and relaxed about it. Some players fight to stay concentrated on the course of the game as they don’t want to miss the best opportunity. Each gambler should be nervous in a similar situation and you need to know to read it.
  • Join the conversation with buddies during the game. Make sure to show interest even if you are not impressed with conversation topics. If you believe that the opponent is bluffing, share some words with him to check that out. Players who bluff don’t prefer to engage in conversation as they need to stay concentrated about the game.

As you can see, poker players shouldn’t show weakness to their opponents. On the other hand, bluffing is something that should be learned while you winning and losing poker rounds.


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