QNET Celebrates 22 Years of Success Against the Odds


Back in 1998, QNET was born. At the time, Asia was at the height of an economic crisis and experts may have said it was an unstable time to start a brand, new business. However, against all the odds, the e-commerce based direct selling company was a huge success. More than two decades later, the world is facing unprecedented times, and yet true to its nature, the recession-resistant brand continues to stay strong and secure.

Bucking the Downward Trend

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the world as we know it has dramatically changed. During these times of sheer uncertainty, every sector of modern business has had to adapt and transform their practices. What’s more, the shift has plunged the globe into the worst recession seen since the Great Depression, with hundreds of thousands impacted.

Industries of all types are now facing the backlash of the pandemic and attempting to survive. Despite these obstacles, one industry has stayed stable and bucked the economic trend. Famed for its resistance to recessions, the direct selling industry has gone from strength to strength. Throughout these tough times, many sectors have seen downward turns. Despite this, e-commerce and direct selling have soared.

For professionals working for themselves, 2020 has be a strikingly difficult year. Those involved in the gig economy, through ridesharing or vacation lodging rentals, will have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Fortunately enough, direct selling could be a lifeboat for those currently treading water. While these industries have seen a sharp decline, professionals who have lost out can turn to the reliable industry of direct selling.

Over the years, QNET has seen many economic crises come and go. While the business managed to succeed against the odds back in 1998, there were more obstacles lying ahead. The brand has remained a global leader despite challenges such as the 2002 outbreak of SARS in Asia, the 2012 MERS outbreak in the Middle East, the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and, of course, the global recession of 2008.

While any one of the above challenges may have ruined even the best of companies, QNET managed to weather the storm each time. Since its inception, the QNET’s e-commerce based direct selling company has continued to grow at a steady and impressive rate. The business attracts new customers to its unique products and services, but it doesn’t end there. The business also offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their own enterprise with the innovative network marketing business model.

Supporting Emerging Entrepreneurs

Thanks to the stability of direct selling, aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to succeed and realize their dreams with QNET. As many traditional businesses are now downsizing and making professionals redundant, this option is a viable alternative. Throughout the international crisis, QNET’s network of direct selling distributors have been fast to adapt to the so-called ‘new normal.’ What’s more, the pandemic has lead to a soar in online sales, which means that getting aboard the e-commerce train now is a savvy move.

As one of the early-adopters of e-commerce in the direct selling industry, QNET was surprisingly founded during the dotcom crash. However, it was an inspiring time packed with opportunity for young Asian entrepreneurs, having discovered that an American direct selling company they were working with had vanished out of nowhere.

It was at this time that the group had a truly innovative idea. The company they envisioned would support their team and encourage other entrepreneurs to start their own businesses to. From that small and simple theory, QNET expanded to become all it is today.

The Remarkable Growth of Direct Selling

Over the decades, QNET has become more than a household name. The business is recognizes as a pioneer in the direct selling industry. The company has helped many families and young professionals enhance their lifestyles and create a sustainable supplementary income. Through this original concept, the brand has enabled people to gain success in Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, and South East Asia.

Now, the global direct selling industry is worth more than $180 billion (USD).* Since the gig economy has become commonplace in recent years, many more professionals have started to look for entrepreneurial opportunities. Fortunately, the experts at QNET have recognized this trend and also used it to their advantage. Since there are more and more people selling online, the business leaders have a strong focus on improvement.

The team at QNET are continuously dedicated to boosting the product lines, improving customer experiences, using innovative marketing techniques, bolstering their sales tactics, and ensuring that people can build a business that lasts. The QNET network marketing business model is more than a mere side hustle for people who want to add to their income. It’s also about building a strong community and creating positive change.

The Future Looks Bright for QNET

History never did run smoothly. Since the start of the modern world, we have encountered many ups and downs, especially in economic terms. Luckily, QNET has proved to be one of the most resilient businesses of our time and keeps going steadily forward regardless of the challenges out there. While the e-commerce sector is booming and there are many fine competitors out there, QNET remains stable and continues to be a huge success.

Of course, the current Covid-19 pandemic is yet another obstacle in the road. However, the both direct selling industry and QNET will both maintain strength through this period. The business was recently awarded a Bronze Stevie® for Social Media during Covid-19 at the 17th Annual International Business Awards®. The honor highlights company’s adaptability and innovation.

While it is likely that there will be a second wave of lockdowns soon to come, the business is primed for continued triumphs in the following months. No challenge too big. With the ability to adapt and evolve in its arsenal, the QNET company will have a bright future.


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