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(Photo above | by Bill Breneman Photography)

If you work in real estate or property management, you know first impressions matter. This is key to keeping a potential client’s eyes on your listing. Indeed, studies show professionally-photographed listings garner more than twice as much interest — and rent or sell at higher asking prices.
To continue leading in this often changing and always competitive business, Village Properties at Sunriver, a full service real estate and property management company, hired Bill Breneman, a local professional photographer. Breneman has been working with Village Properties to remaster vacation rental and real estate photographs. Founded in 1985 by Mark Halvorsen and his wife Kate, Halvorsen’s team of brokers and property managers specialize in real estate sales, vacation rentals and long-term rentals. They know how important it is to display homes in an attractive and consistent manner. With over 30 years of experience, Halvorsen has witnessed immense changes in how people source real estate and rentals. Through online images and website presence, these listings are easily accessed and researched with your fingertips.
The entire staff at Village Properties has been impressed with Breneman’s talent and how easy he is to work with. He has paid close attention to the finer details of his images in the way he stages and sets up the shots. It is exciting to be working with Bill Breneman Photography and to have his work proudly displayed on the Village Properties at Sunriver’s website.
While Breneman is relatively new to Bend, he has worked as a photographer for over 20 years, beginning with photojournalism in college. Over the years his portfolio has expanded to include architectural, real estate, and hotel photography, among others. Through close collaboration with Village Properties, Bill Breneman Photography has continued to deliver eye-catching images. Breneman has enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity each new project presents and understands how critical it is to consistently produce quality imagery when marketing MLS listings and vacation rentals, like those at Village Properties.
In addition to his work as a photographer, Breneman is also a published author. In 2011, he published Oregon Journeys: A Photographic Safari Through the Beaver State, an Oregon nature photography book. It received positive reviews and has been sold in bookstores and giftshops throughout Oregon. Breneman has also had his images featured in television commercials, news stories, books, public service announcements, calendars, annuals, programs, magazines and various promotional pieces, along with websites, CD’s, festivals and galleries.
Bill Breneman Photography is a member of the Central Oregon Builders Association, the Central Oregon Association of Realtors, the Central Oregon Rental Owners Association and the Bend Chamber of Commerce.


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