Questions to ask when choosing enterprise management software


Asking the right questions is the perfect way of assessing new enterprise software. You may have heard of the many benefits of having the system in your business or your organization. But not every system or segment of the system is fit for your organization. Just like a living thing, every entity is unique in its way. Thus before you invest in an enterprise management system, you have to find out if it will work for your business or not. Or better still, what is it you need in a specific system, and what can be left out.

Find some questions you need to ask before you switch to the new system

Is the system adjustable?

Your business, like any other, is a unique one, and therefore you’ll hardly solve any problems by purchasing a system and then using it “as is.” There are peculiarities, custom processes, legacy, and restrictions in every business. For enterprise management and accounting system, you’ll need to modify the database, which is in tandem with your business structure, fields, custom tables, and reports. Therefore the enterprise management system you seek to acquire should be adjustable to accommodate such business uniqueness.

Will the software accommodate growth?

There could be 50-60 automated seats in new software, which may be okay for your business. But in a few months or a year, your business will grow and maybe in need of up to 100 automated seats. How well will the software you wish to purchase adapt to such growth? You need to adjust solutions depending on the business needs continuously, and therefore the software you choose should be flexible to allow the addition of new features step by step.

Get a platform that will allow you to implement different modules and create custom configurations.

Can you localize the tool?

Enterprise management software is complicated, but it must optimize business processes to reduce potential human mistakes. Without proper localization, this is impossible. Localization goes beyond interface translation, and to fully localize a business or accounting automation system; you’ve to implement integrations with popular local design and data exchange processes, software tools while providing compliant press forms and reporting. It’s also essential to understand the languages present in the system. A program in English may suffice, but sometimes, you may have some employees who are comfortable in the local language to include it.

How do I choose an implementation partner?

Imagine a case where you are located some miles away from the implementation partner. Such a partner won’t guarantee much success. For a successful software implementation, the engineers should come on-site with the proper knowledge on how the product will perfectly work for your business. When the implementation is complete, the users will need training and monitoring. Thus, choosing an implementation partner in your location is a plus.

When it comes to enterprise management software, efficiency and integration are critical. You must choose software with integration features. Most importantly, you need to select a reputable vendor like HGI Software, who has experience in systems and will follow up to ensure it works for your business.


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