What are the Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Performing


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Do you have a website and you feel that it is not performing according to how you want? Are you looking for the right reasons and insights to help you out? Then you have come to the right place. It can be quite depressing having a website that isn’t performing after doing all the work of creating it. This is actually what most people go through and finding the right tips can be quite difficult.

However, you are lucky because we clearly understand this issue. Here, we are going to share the various ways to help you understand why this may be happening and what you can do to try and improve your site. There are also many other places you can find helpful information online. According to SEOlutions.biz, there are various ways to help rank and optimize your site efficiently. There is so much you can learn online about website improvement. You just have to conduct thorough research and implement what you learn in the right way.

Below are some of the reasons and tips to help you.

1. Speed of Your Website

The speed of your website greatly affects how it performs. Research shows that 79 percent of online shoppers won’t return to a website if it loads too slowly. As the saying goes “Time is money”. Therefore, if you have a website that loads too slowly, then this might cause you to lose a lot of money. Some common issues that might cause a website to slow down include:

  • A lot of HTTP requests
  • Poor optimization of images
  • Not using caching
  • Poor configuration of servers

 2. Not Using HTTPS Security

The HTTPS protocol is one of the most reliable and advanced technologies you can use to secure your site. If you’re not using it on your site, then this might be one of the reasons why it is not performing well. Here’s an example of how a website address with HTTPS looks like:

  • https://www.yoursite.com/

3. The Server

The performance of your server may also be a reason why your website is not doing a good job. This might be coming from the web hosting company that you’re using. Cheap web hosts tend to squeeze hundreds of websites onto their shared servers. This actually means that you are sharing various resources with other websites, and may limit the performance of your site.

4. Location of Your Server

Another thing you can check is where your server is located. You may ask yourself how this is a reason that can slow down your site. But the answer is simple. When visitors load pages on your site, the data travels from the location where they are to where your website is hosted and then back again. Therefore, this keeps things in circulation mode and if your server is not located in a better place, then this might cause your website to underperform.

5. Image Optimization and Lack of Caching

One thing you need to note is that if you don’t optimize your images well, then this will definitely slow down your website. You have to compress and optimize your images properly. Also, when you don’t use caching mechanisms it might negatively affect your site. Caching has plenty of benefits for your site. You can check out more information on how to set up caching online or talk to your web host and ask if they can help you.


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Ensure that you check any of the above issues if your site happens to be performing poorly. Also, always strive to improve your site as much as possible. There are plenty of other reasons why your website may not be performing well such as hacking, poor SEO, or even inactive contact forms. Therefore, check thoroughly to ascertain what issue it might be and solve it accordingly.


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