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(Photo above: recent holiday open house and celebration | provided by Red Jacket West)

Red Jacket West is in the midst of an education revolution. “Since we relocated from Portland’s Pearl District to Bend a year and a half ago, we’ve experienced over 600 percent revenue growth as we scale up to lead in the global eLearning industry, projected to leap from $56 billion to over $100 billion by the close of this year,” explained Co-Founder, CEO Isaac Tolpin in September 2015.

“We expect to grow to $7.9 million in 2016 as we now scale up based on the strong foundation,” continued Tolpin.
As Red Jack West celebrated the holidays recently with staff and customers they reported raising $450,000 in capital to-date and growing by 93 percent this year in its third year.

Tolpin added, “We have industry leading experts from around the world flying into Bend to shoot the video portions of their eLearning on a weekly basis. Our courses were consumed in 145 countries this year. By reinventing eLearning, we are changing the way people learn!”

In 2012, Isaac Tolpin and Chris Behnke set out to provide a positive disruption in education technology. The following year, they gathered a team highly skilled in graphic design and video production, launched Choose Growth and became pioneers in e-Learning platforms. Originally centered in Portland’s Pearl District, the digital media company outgrew its space and moved east to Bend to join in Central Oregon’s exceptional lifestyle and burgeoning technology scene.

Red Jacket West is committed to making the world smarter by creating digital learning platforms within the brands of thought leaders and organizations.

“In the beginning, we saw a growing demand in the eLearning industry despite subpar e-Learning experiences and incredibly low learner retention often reported at 20-30 percent,” reported Tolpin. “The hardest place to engage and retain learners is online, yet there’s a huge demand for it. How people consume information online is vastly different than a live lecture, speech, or reading a book. Even the most experienced knowledge industries such as publishing and education are challenged with this transformation.

“Our pioneering approach is changing the digital learning experience at its core. We believe that you must approach digital learning production with learner centric vs. author centric instructional design.”

Red Jacket builds every digital product from the learner’s perspective and works with clients to re-imagine their content into a mixed media experience that engages and retains the student. It’s not about technology and it’s not just about valuable content. It’s about carefully creating and packaging a learning experience that people actually enjoy, an interaction with client’s content that results in long term retained knowledge.

As the industry continues to grow, Red Jacket West is well-positioned to lead in pioneering the creation of one-to-one education at massive scale, within the brands of the leading edge minds of our time.

Red Jacket West affords the world’s most innovative thought leaders a front row seat in the single most disruptive period in the history of education. Just as Tesla is the future of transportation and Apple is arguably the future of communication, Red Jacket West is the future of thought leadership.
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