Redmond Municipal Airport Announces New Parking Fees for 2019


Effective January 1

Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) announces new parking fee rate structure.

Effective today, the maximum daily parking rate will increase from $10 to $15.  The current $1 fee for the first 30 minutes, and the $2 hourly rate (31 minutes plus) remain unchanged.  The additional change is that the seventh consecutive day will no longer be waived or discounted.

For the past five years RDM has experienced record passenger growth.  The existing 1,150 capacity parking lot has reached capacity several times as the daily passenger count has risen from 1,400 in 2013 to an estimated 2,500 in 2018.  Passengers and customers will experience the benefits of this rate increase through numerous capital improvements that will take place as a result of the fee increase – improvements which include a 300 increase in spaces to the parking lot.

The new fee will affect customers who park after midnight, January 1.

With the increase RDM’s daily rate compares favorably to that of airports of similar size such as Eugene ($14/day) and Medford ($15/day).

Parking availability at RDM fluctuates in accordance with the airport’s arriving and departing flight schedule. Parking lot attendants will monitor availability and will periodically update the airport’s website. To help RDM passengers ‘know before they go’, RDM officials encourage passengers to view the Airport’s website at and consider choosing alternative ground transportation options (found at The airport also encourages passengers to be prepared to leave, or arrive, in winter weather conditions that may present slippery or hazardous conditions. Allow extra time for driving and walking, safely, in winter conditions.

The curb at the front of the terminal is for active loading and unloading only.  Vehicles are not permitted to wait at the curb.  Violations are subject to a $50 citation.  The approved “cell phone waiting” area is free and is located across the street from the Airport along SW Salmon Avenue.

Additional helpful travel links to Airport information, TSA and air carriers that serve RDM can be found online at


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