Redmond Proficiency Academy Supports Unity Week


RPA high school students build community in weeklong event

The Redmond Proficiency Academy (RPA) high school leadership class will be putting on their first Unity Week December 11 through the 15 at the downtown RPA campus. Students will participate in a variety of activities throughout the week designed to create a sense of school and community unity.

“Our leadership class has been discussing ways throughout the year we can make our students feel more united in what we stand for here at RPA,” said Leadership Advisor Brett Andry. “We know that the holiday months are sometimes very difficult for our students and their families, so this week is an opportunity for us to remind our students that they are all wonderful and amazing individuals and allows us to add to our ‘We Are One’ mentality. We look forward to sharing this week with our students and simply spending time with them in the moment.”

During Unity Week, Monday is Kindness Day and the student body will be creating a Compliment Chain where they will be able to “give a compliment and get a compliment.” Tuesday is Charity Day and students will be competing in a coin drive to raise money for the St. Charles Neonatal ICU unit. On Wednesday’s Unity Day students will be participating in an activity designed to raise awareness of problems that students face in their lives. Thursday is Courage Day, and the RPA band and choir groups will be performing their bi-monthly Tiny Elevator Concert. Friday is Food Day where the student body will be celebrating the presence of each other, watching a movie and of course, eating food. In addition to the above lunchtime activities, there will be a craft booth provided each day where students can make crafts for their holiday gifts or their home decor.

“I’m excited to see our school come together and become closer as a student body,” said senior leadership student Fed Plascencia. “We are hoping this week will drive us to become a better community within ourselves.”

All activities will be free of charge and all students and staff members are encouraged to attend.


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