Redmond Urban Renewal Agency Investment Adds Public Parking in Downtown Core 


The Redmond Urban Renewal Agency moves forward today by adding much-needed free parking to the downtown area at the site of the former City Hall building, 716 SW Evergreen Avenue. Demolition has begun of the outdated, obsolete buildings and will proceed towards the goal of improving the lot and expanding parking from 76 to 120 parking stalls. The $1.09 million project will be complete by the end of 2020.

“Our businesses and customers need more free parking that is within walking distance of the commercial core. As the years pass, this block will eventually become a mix of housing and retail — but right now, parking is the imperative,”states Chuck Arnold, Redmond’s Urban Renewal Manager.

As the Urban Renewal Plan works to support existing businesses and attract new investment, it also allocates resources in a Public Parking Fund to adequately serve the growing customer and business needs downtown. 

More information on the Redmond Urban Renewal Plan can be found at If you would like to learn more about Redmond’s Urban Renewal programs, please contact Meghan Gassner, Urban Renewal program analyst, at 541-923-7759 or email


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