Redmond’s Spirit Foundation Creates New Investment Avenues in the Community


The Redmond’s Spirit Foundation is setting out to improve lives in greater Redmond known as the “Hub of Central Oregon”. Instead of focusing on government assistance, the Foundation’s board members believe that supporting programs, practices, projects and initiatives from within the community to improve Redmond’s quality of life is key to keeping the roots of the community alive and healthy.

“We accomplish this by getting more individuals involved to be an active part of focusing resources that make an impact, not just an impression,” noted Tim Moor, Board Member. For starters, Redmond’s Spirit is looking for a minimum of 1,000 individuals that each pledge $100 annually for three years.

Redmond is a community built around hard work, and more importantly, a “can do” attitude. And, while the median income for local households is less than 45k annually, there is a history of community support and cooperation, such as when Redmondites came together to win the Trail Blazers park renovation contest.

This example of Redmond’s Spirit is one of the many reasons why the board members have dubbed anyone who chooses to pledge their hard-earned money as a “Solutionary”. This term essentially signifies that anyone who joins the Foundation is so tied up in helping their local community that all they want to do is create solutions for a better city, even as Redmond expands with each passing year.

To further that point, Angela Boothroyd, one of the Foundation’s board members, believes that it is the local community’s responsibility to help each other with a “hand up”, instead of a “hand out.”

“Essentially, we are trying to change the mindset when it comes to giving,” she says. “There are a lot of people in Redmond that have needs, and when it comes to asking for help financially, they come to businesses and ask. Businesses are happy to help, when they can, but what we are missing is the individual assistance. It’s really up to you and me as residents of Redmond to help write these checks and make investments that have an impact, if we can, while still working our jobs and supporting our families, so it doesn’t fall on governments’ shoulders.”

Redmond may be currently known as the “Hub of Central Oregon”, but the Foundation sees the potential for the city to become even more. They want the growing city to be known as the “Heart and Hub of Central Oregon.”

Pledges can be made by contacting Angela Boothroyd at 541-410-2572, or David Foote at 503-547-3566. There is also a signup form located at


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