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Focusing on Delegation & Empowerment in the New Year

Success is often measured by the assets you acquire during your career. But for leaders, success is determined by the strength of your greatest assets: your employees. And while top talent may come and go, one thing that remains constant in your organization is the culture that cultivates and develops employees, regardless of experience or skill sets. Because you’re only as good as your greatest assets, it’s important to ensure your team is motivated and engaged, which not only builds retention but also helps the overall success of your workers. Simply put, if your employees succeed, you succeed.

One area of focus that will help your team succeed is empowering team members through delegation and development. A recent study found that 87 percent of employees are less likely to resign if motivated at work. Another survey found that 79 percent of employees quit due to lack of appreciation. Employees are more motivated and engaged when they receive appreciation, and one way to appreciate your team is by empowering them to succeed at the office through delegation of responsibilities. Check out these tips to help your workforce succeed in the new year.

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