Reviewing How Gulf Coast Western Became an Oil and Gas Leader


The United States’ oil and gas industry has always been an integral part of the country’s economy. Large energy companies depend on a regular flow of raw materials, from which they synthesize fuels and other finished products.

Gulf Coast Western has become a leader in the acquisition and development of these domestic oil and gas resources. From its humble beginnings, the Company has expanded its operations to multiple states. Gulf Coast Western is also actively involved in the exploration of additional energy sources.

Under exceptional leadership, the Company has thrived even when faced with industry-wide challenges. Today, Gulf Coast Western is well positioned for continued growth and expansion.

Gulf Coast Western Operations Overview

Gulf Coast Western is a leader in the domestic oil and gas exploration and development industry. Thomas H. Fleeger founded this Dallas, Texas company in 1970. Today, his son Matthew Fleeger serves as Gulf Coast Western’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director.

Originally focused on growing oil reserves in Texas and Louisiana, the firm has gradually expanded its operations to other resource-rich Gulf Coast states, including Mississippi. Gulf Coast Western has the development rights to thousands of acres in this region.

Other Gulf Coast Western operations hubs are located in Oklahoma and Colorado, and additional expansion opportunities are under review. The Company only hires highly skilled professionals for its energy exploration and development work. From equipment setup to functioning well maintenance, Gulf Coast Western can seamlessly handle the job.

Targeted Land Investments Facilitate Growth

To facilitate its continued growth, Gulf Coast Western invests in targeted oil and gas properties with existing structures. These land holdings also possess exceptional geophysical and geological attributes along with production potential.

Before making these investments, Gulf Coast Western conducts stringent due diligence to ensure reduced investor risk and elevated growth potential. The Company remains vigilant for new opportunities that complement its industry goals.

Acquisitions, Partnerships, and Joint Ventures

Since its 1970 inception, Gulf Coast Western has achieved steady growth through key corporate acquisitions and partnerships. These carefully structured transactions have been designed to benefit all parties involved.

In certain cases, these strategic partnerships have expanded into longer-term Joint Ventures. By definition, a joint venture is built on a shared vision of ongoing growth and market evolution. The parties involved have expressed their determination to navigate the industry’s singular challenges and obstacles.

Notable Acquisitions

During the past several decades, Gulf Coast Western has made multiple acquisitions. These well-coordinated purchases have often expanded the Company’s development rights. In addition, the acquisitions have provided access to resources needed for exploration and drilling operations.

Northcote Energy Ltd.

Gulf Coast Western’s 2016 acquisition of Northcote Energy Ltd. provided multiple benefits. First, the deal accelerated and expanded Northcote’s drilling endeavors. In addition, Gulf Coast Western received a 50% working interest in several key Northcote wells and related saltwater disposal resources.

Orbit Energy Partners LLC

In January 2016, the Gulf Coast Western subsidiary Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration LLC announced another strategic acquisition. Specifically, the Company noted the purchase of all Orbit Energy Partners LLC assets.

The transaction included proprietary rights to 100 square miles of Lafayette, Louisiana-area 3D seismic data. For reference, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration had assumed Orbit Energy Partners’ production activity in October 2015.

Strategic Partnerships

Gulf Coast Western consistently forges mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses that align with the Company’s objectives. Specifically, the collaborations with Orbit Energy Inc. and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration LLC have enabled significant expansion of Gulf Coast Western’s territories and operations hubs.

Joint Ventures

Gulf Coast Western (officially known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC) is designated the Managing Venturer of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. These partnerships are also called Joint Ventures.

These entities combine resources, industry knowledge, talent, and experience to explore, acquire, and develop domestic oil and gas reserves. Most of these reserves are located in the United States’ Gulf Coast and southwestern regions. The firm has purchased thousands of acres in these productive geographic areas, enabling a favorable competitive position.

Two Benefits of Joint Ventures

Engaging in joint ventures has enabled Gulf Coast Western to broaden its operations to other productive United States regions. The Company continues to implement strategic drilling programs in areas that indicate significant return potential for all joint venture partners.

In addition, joint ventures’ resources have helped Gulf Coast Western to upgrade its technological capabilities. These enhancements enable the Company to navigate upcoming industry irregularities more effectively.

Historically, Gulf Coast Western and its joint ventures partners have enjoyed favorable returns on their investments. The Company typically quantifies investors’ downside risk in the due diligence phase, enabling more informed decisions across the board.

Transparency Toward Investors is Key

Gulf Coast Western CEO Matthew Fleeger serves as an investment manager. Besides investing his own funds into specific ventures, Fleeger stresses the importance of transparency in all investment-related business practices. Areas of focus include risk management, financial decisions, and engineering.

Toward that end, Fleeger and his team maintain open, honest communication with investment partners. When a challenge arises, Gulf Coast Western provides investors with a concrete plan that enables a satisfactory resolution. This transparent approach sets the stage for mutually beneficial long-term collaborations.

Successfully Navigating Industry Challenges

Over the past several decades, alternative energy sources have become a part of the global energy landscape. The emergence of these new market players has often led to shifts in economic trends and political priorities. Many traditional energy providers have experienced resource shortages.

The United States’ Great Recession of 2008 was an especially challenging time for oil and gas industry businesses. Many companies were forced to revamp their organizational models and business operations.

Although some businesses fell by the wayside, Gulf Coast Western’s ability to streamline its operations and make technological enhancements enabled the Company to thrive. Under CEO Matthew Fleeger’s direction, corporate overhead was greatly reduced.

At the same time, key personnel stayed on while major prospect investments continued. When the economy gradually returned to an even keel, Gulf Coast Western had become a much stronger business entity.

CEO Matthew Fleeger Develops Leadership Skills

A corporation’s consistent growth relies on strong executive leadership and maintenance of a competitive market position. Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western’s President, Chief Executive Officer (or CEO), and Director has clearly excelled in driving this oil and gas market leader’s forward progress.

Matthew Fleeger’s long association with Gulf Coast Western began during his college years. While attending Southern Methodist University in 1970, his father launched the Company into the oil and gas marketplace.

Graduating in 1985 with a finance and marketing-focused business degree, Matthew Fleeger worked for his father’s firm along with several other Texas-based businesses. Together, this corporate world exposure provided a solid foundation for his own business ventures.

Fleeger’s MedSolutions Inc. Venture

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger harnessed his business education and management skills to start MedSolutions Inc. This successful medical waste treatment and disposal firm served varied health care facilities.

Within just a few years, MedSolutions Inc. grew into a leading healthcare waste management service. In 2007, Matthew Fleeger sold the Company to Stericycle for approximately $59 million, demonstrating his business acumen and ability to operate a successful company.

Fleeger Takes the Gulf Coast Western Reins

Following the MedSolutions Inc. disposition, Matthew Fleeger became President and CEO of his father’s company in 2009. With a background in corporate structures, general partnerships, and acquisitions, Matthew Fleeger is well positioned for this challenging task. His strategic planning, contract negotiation, and team-building expertise also provide him with a well-rounded functional skillset.

Under Matthew Fleeger’s direction, Gulf Coast Western has enjoyed consistent growth, and the firm has executed numerous merger agreements. With the elements for further expansion in place, the firm enjoys excellent prospects for enduring success.

Providing Education for Investment Decisions

Fleeger consistently demonstrates his willingness to help potential investment partners make appropriate investment decisions. He emphasizes the value of having well-rounded knowledge of the risks and possible payoffs before taking action. Toward that end, he encourages each investor to take an active role in their venture’s management operations.

“Education and awareness are always an investor’s first line of defense against potential fraud. We work hard to make sure our partners understand the risks and benefits of investing in oil and gas exploration,” Fleeger explains.

A Positive Corporate Culture

Matthew Fleeger favors a transparent corporate culture that fosters trust and enhances company morale. In fact, he states that his premier leadership quality relates to his attitude rather than his management skills.

“Having a positive attitude in the face of adversity. I believe this is a contagious mindset for everyone and is required in every successful leader,” he concludes.

Matthew Fleeger’s Philanthropy

As a respected member of the Dallas/Ft. Worth business community, Matthew Fleeger places a high value on philanthropy. He focuses on supporting non-profit organizations benefiting children.

Specifically, Fleeger assists the Sadie Keller Foundation, established by a childhood leukemia survivor. Besides helping families of children with cancer, the organization promotes national awareness of pediatric cancer research funding needs.

As the CEO of a technology-focused firm, Matthew Fleeger also supports Dallas’ Parish Episcopal School. This nationally acclaimed school is known for its hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or STEM) curriculum. This educational institution prepares students for careers in these highly technical fields.

Favorable Gulf Coast Western Reviews

Gulf Coast Western’s recognized oil and gas expertise, and its focus on low-risk investment opportunities, have earned it substantial respect within the industry. Together with the Company’s focus on transparency and long-term partner relationships, these attributes have helped to garner favorable Better Business Bureau ratings.

Specifically, Gulf Coast Western has earned an “A+” Better Business Bureau rating. In addition, the Company has maintained a five-star customer review profile. These overwhelmingly positive reviews are a rare occurrence in the oil industry.

This exceptional rating is evidence of the Company’s continued commitment to take note of its clients’ feedback. In addition, Gulf Coast Western shows a willingness to make changes to further enhance its partnerships and business outcomes.

Gulf Coast Western Reviews from Investors

Many Gulf Coast Western investors and partners have offered positive reviews of the Company’s performance. Without exception, these favorable Gulf Coast Western reviews reflect investors’ satisfaction with Gulf Coast Western’s conduct around its oil and gas industry investments.

Active and Responsible Leadership

In October 2021, one joint venture participant wrote that CEO Matthew Fleeger displayed exemplary leadership during the participant’s joint ventures. “In the risky business of onshore oil exploration and production, Gulf Coast Western, under the active and responsible leadership of Matt Fleeger…every joint venture has been conducted with both engineering and fiscal rigor (and) with an active risk management protocol.”

Focus on Open Communication

One repeat investor has been impressed by Gulf Coast Western’s infrastructure and open communication philosophy. “I have been investing with Gulf Coast Western for almost five years now. They are a top-notch organization. They do what they say they are going to do.

“Their accounting, website, and communications are excellent. Their CEO and their customer representatives go the extra mile in answering questions, explaining the geology and economics of the oil and gas ventures, and making their investors feel like active partners in the projects.”

Recommendation from Repeat Client

One satisfied Gulf Coast Western investor has been pleased with their overall investment experience. In July 2021, this happy client recommended the Company to others considering an oil industry investment.

“I’ve been a client with Gulf Coast Western for five years. Although there have been some ups and downs in the oil market, Gulf Coast Western has continued to work hard through these trying times and continued to provide their clients with good returns. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in investing in the oil business.”

Favorable Environment for Future Growth

Gulf Coast Western’s solid infrastructure, along with its extensive oil and gas development resources, place the Company in a good position for continued growth. Together with the firm’s commitment to investor transparency and long-term relationships, these attributes help to affirm the business’ oil and gas industry leadership.


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