S.E.A. Crab House to Give Away 9,999 Eggs in Astoria & Bend in Epic Egg Drive


S.E.A. Crab House, the renowned restaurant chain celebrated for its mouthwatering seafood boils infused with Southeast Asian flavors, is thrilled to announce an extraordinary event. Prepare yourselves for an eggstravaganza as they seek to give away a staggering 9,999 eggs in Astoria and Bend. Save the dates: June 12 in Astoria and June 14 in Bend.

This eggstravaganza affair is inspired by S.E.A. Crab House owner, Pattaporn “Patta” Lorwatcharasophon’s promise to the revered Thai deity, Ai-Kai. Following the successful launches of two new locations in Beaverton and Seattle, Patta vowed to offer 9,999 as a gesture of gratitude. She wholeheartedly delivers on her promise, expressing gratitude to the Astoria and Bend communities that showed unwavering support during S.E.A. Crab House’s expansions.

“Kai means egg in Thai,” Patta said on Wednesday. “Ai-Kai is the guardian of treasures and success, and I owe him because he gave us success. The deal was 9,999 eggs per location.”

The Ai-Kai Legend is a story from Thailand passed down for generations. It tells the tale of Ai-Kai, a child from a small village who used to play in a nearby temple called Wat Chedi. Unfortunately, he had a tragic accident and drowned. Legend has it that his spirit remains bound to the temple. According to some accounts, a revered teacher named Reverend Grandfather Tuad embarked on a pilgrimage and settled where the abandoned temple stood. Over time, this temple became the present-day Chedi Temple. It is believed that during his time there, Reverend Grandfather Tuad encountered the spirit of a boy aged 9-10, who became his disciple. Within the temple premises, there lie numerous ancient ruins containing valuable treasures. To ensure their protection, Reverend Grandfather Thuat assigned Ai Khai to safeguard these treasures by staying at Chedi Temple.

About the S.E.A. Crab House:
The S.E.A. Crab House dining experience brings life to every meal. Our live crab and lobster may not sing and dance, but they certainly bring the wow factor to diners of all ages. Our seafood boils feature Southeast Asian (S.E.A.) influences and tastes, creating a unique experience to a beloved dining style. We currently have locations in Astoria, Seattle, Bend, and Beaverton, and soon Bellevue and Boise. Join us at one of our seafood restaurants today!



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