Safe driving tips for truck drivers – Avoid catastrophic accidents on the road


Did you ever make the mistake of driving under bad Road conditions or experience dangerous and reckless behaviors by other drivers? Fog, rain, snow, and ice are a few of the hazards that truck drivers often face on their daily job. Due to the advancements in the field of technology and changes in society, there are too many truck drivers that engage in distracted driving as they play with their cell phones and take their eyes off the road while driving.

due to the Mammoth size of commercial trucks,  an accident with a truck or tractor-trailer can become catastrophic and lead to life-threatening injuries to the driver as well as the other victims. If you ask a truck accident lawyer,  he will tell you the frequency of truck accident claim cases that they get due to the negligence of the truck driver. Let’s spend some time going through the few ways in which you can keep accidents away while driving a truck.

  • Plan your trip ahead of time

Whenever you plan your trip beforehand,  you will automatically increase your safety. Be aware of the potential hazards that you may face in high-crime areas. The shipments that you carry through your truck might be valuable targets for theft which can result in violent crimes against the truck driver. You also need to be aware of high traffic congestion areas so as to avoid traffic accidents. Stay updated on weather conditions along your route so that you can adjust and change your route whenever needed.

  • Practice defensive driving

One of the best options for protecting yourself and the other motorists on road is by practicing defensive driving.  you won’t have control over how the other drivers drive their vehicles on road and you also can never assume that they are driving with your safety in mind. Majority of the truck drivers will agree to the fact that most motorists are unaware of how to drive around a truck.  According to the University of Michigan transportation institute study,  92% of crashes  that involve commercial trucks are caused by cars and not by truck drivers.

  • Invest in a preventive maintenance schedule

Once you start investing in a preventative maintenance schedule, which is extremely vital for operating a commercial vehicle, you will understand the differences in the safety that it provides. Reports reveal that maintenance issues are One of the leading causes of commercial truck accidents. In case you have not invested in a preventive maintenance schedule, arrange a meeting with a mechanic to develop one immediately. If you drive for a fleet,  the company should provide you with a maintenance schedule plan that you need to follow.

Therefore,  if you are a truck driver and you transport shipments from one state to another almost on a regular basis,  you should invest in all the truck driving safety tips so that you can not only save your life but also the lives of other drivers and motorists.


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