Scam alert: what is known about P2PB2B ?


The more crypto projects appear, the more fake news and rumors you can read about them on the Internet. It is getting harder to find out the truth, so today we are going to make a trading P2PB2B review and check what users say about this platform. Moreover, we decided to consider common mistakes and tell what you should never do, if you are interested in crypto trading.

Disclaimer: the text below is provided for information only. It contains no guidance for action. We strongly recommend beginners learn more about trading and current crypto trends in general before starting to buy and sell coins on P2PB2B or any other platform. Our purpose is just to warn you about frequent depositing and withdrawal mistakes by the example of a popular crypto exchange and explain why some projects are often called a scam.

Forums about P2PB2B: Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk is the loudest voice in the crypto choir. This is one of the oldest Internet forums dedicated to everything about cryptocurrencies and digital coin trading. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, that is why its name involves Bitcoin. There are some threads about P2PB2B on Bitcointalk. Most forum users express positive or neutral opinions concerning this trading platform, but negative comments can also be found.

Usually, we pay more attention to something bad. For example, if we have read 4 neutral, 5 positive and 3 negative comments, we are more likely to believe that more people were not satisfied with the subject.

Besides, not all negative comments are quite objective. If you see no proof, the story contains no details and the user who left the comment has a low rating on the forum, it may indicate a made-to-order review to hurt the reputation. On the other hand, crypto exchange users can make some mistakes causing awkward situations.

Is P2PB2B a scam?

First, we would like to remind you that trading cryptocurrencies is a risky business initially. No one can tell you what coin can make you a millionaire. But not only failed expectations sometimes make people think that they were deluded.

On some websites, it is said that P2PB2B is a scam. But it is always important not to take trigger headlines at face value and try to figure out what stands behind strong statements.

Let’s remember the period, when Bitcoin was mined just for fun by not so many enthusiasts. Over time, many of them forgot their passwords or changed computers for new ones. Then Bitcoin skyrocketed in value, and what about all those who had the coins but had lost access to them? They made a huge mistake and could not take advantage of their own coins. But no one can call Bitcoin a scam just because of it.

Users of crypto exchanges (especially beginners) are not protected from making mistakes. Some of them potentially lead to losing money. That is why it is essential to learn more about depositing and withdrawing.

Reviewing common mistakes of P2PB2B exchange users

In this part of the P2PB2B review we are going to provide some examples of mistakes that are fatal for crypto exchange users:

  1. A user can send an ERC-20 coin to a TRC address. If such a situation occurs, the money would be transferred to the network. Using correct protocols solves this problem and protects from losing money. Please, be attentive and check withdrawal data carefully, since the support team is not able to cancel the transaction.
  2. Depositing $9 or less. According to the information on the P2PB2B website, the minimum deposit is $10. Ignoring this rule also leads to losing money.
  3. Indicating a smart contract instead of your wallet address. If you see “Unsuccessful” in the status field, it means that you made this mistake. Luckily, it can be fixed by the support team, but solving the issue requires some time.
  4. Indicating incorrect or no MEMO in addition to the wallet address for MEMO cryptocurrencies like XLM, BNB and LBY. The necessary information is always contained on the P2PB2B website.

Trading on P2PB2B: other typical mistakes

Along with technical mistakes, users sometimes take impulsive actions and we decided to mention some of them in this P2PB2B exchange review:

  • Unsubscribing from service e-mails and other letters. After you have confirmed your personality, don’t unsubscribe from service letters or mark them as spam. For example, you can receive a delisting letter. In this case, you have only 14 days to withdraw.
  • It is forbidden to create multiple accounts. This is one of the basic rules violation of which leads to blocking the user.
  • You should never transfer money to unknown wallets, because the support team can do nothing to bring it back. Before making a transaction, make sure that no fraudsters will receive your money.

All these mistakes can be easily avoided to make your crypto trading experience positive. Never neglect your security and check your wallet address twice before withdrawing.


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