Security Pros New Equipment Offers Even More Accountability


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Security Pros is now utilizing advanced technology in an effort to continually improve their security service and separate from their competitors. Recent changes result in even better accountability, surveillance and ensures that security continues even in the frigid winter.

“We’ve fully implemented our cloud-based Guard Tour Management System which allows us to manage our officer’s security patrols for total client accountability,” said Brian Shawver, president and CEO of Security Pros. “This system includes GPS route tracking as well as real-time tracking of all physical checkpoints that are installed at a client location. Sophisticated electronic reporting, including imbedded photos and video are sent to each client when conditions are found to be amiss.”

The Electronic Verification System (EVS) that Security Pros implemented is used by the largest security providers in the world and provides verification and accountability that security teams truly were present even in the middle of the night. Checkpoints are established at the security site and a smart phone records the exact date and time each checkpoint was touched. The system provides peace-of-mind that Security Pros team is on site patrolling the area.

Security Pros offers security services in the form of nightly business patrols, on-site posted officers, construction site watch, verified alarm response for businesses and special events security.

Another recent advancement from Security Pros was the decision to install dash cameras on all seven of their patrol vehicles. The cameras provide an additional level of security with video evidence.

“We installed dash cameras for another layer of accountability and evidence gathering. So far, we’ve captured two crimes being committed on video that we’ve provided as evidence to Bend Police Department,” Shawver said.

As winter season approaches, snow may make it difficult to patrol a building or construction site. Security Pros has prepared by recently purchasing three 2016 Honda HR-V’s that are actively patrolling even in the heaviest of snowstorms.

“The Honda HR-V’s are marked security vehicles that feature All Wheel Drive with winter traction tires which allows us to provide total reliability in checking our client’s buildings during the winter months,” Shawver said.

Security Pros operates on a vision to becoming the recognized leader in security by setting the standards in their marketplace. They are determined to professionally protect client property while providing peace-of-mind so that clients can focus on business matters.

“It’s not so much what we do, it’s how we do it that makes the difference,” Shawver said. “I see us as a professional services firm much like a CPA, real estate or legal firm. Our service just happens to be security. But we will deliver it with uncompromising reliability and accountability with a professional management and field staff, utilizing top-notch technology and equipment to meet our values.”

Security Pros new technology and vehicles ensure security and accountability in all seasons and for every type of business or special event. Bend’s first security company continues pushing to fulfill their mission of being the leader in their industry. Recent improvements to their security offerings bolster an already robust and well-trained security team with even more tools at their disposal.

Security Pros
Location: 389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Ste. 130 Bend, Oregon 97702
Bend Contact: 541-330-0404
Redmond Contact: 541-548-1992
President and CEO: Brian Shawver
No. Employees: Currently 27 and increases during summer.
Year Established: 1994. January 1, 2018 will mark their 24th year of providing security officer services to Central Oregon. They are the original security company headquartered in Bend.
Product/Service: Security Pros offers security services in the form of nightly business patrols, on-site posted officers, construction site watch, verified alarm response for businesses and special events security.
Hot News: New security equipment and vehicles allow Security Pros to provide even more accountability and better service.
Outlook for Growth: The security industry is projected to grow 10-15 percent each year for the foreseeable future and Security Pros is enjoying this level of growth locally.


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