Signs you Should Move Job


What are some of the signs to know that you need to leave your current job and move on to the next thing? Below are some signals.

  1. Status Quo

If you have been working at the same company and the same position without any promotion or advancement in the past three years – and you are interested in moving your career forward – then it could be a sign that you need to look for a new job. Some organizations hardly give their employees promotions, but during this time, there should be some upward movement.

  1. You are not Getting Feedback

According to Steven from Exceptional Resume Writers If your manager is not giving you feedback on your performance – or the feedback you are getting is generic and hard to take action on it – then you can expect to have a hard time learning what it is you can do to move up or grow. The best managers are the ones engaged with the career development of their juniors and offering guidance and advice – if your manager doesn’t do this, then consider looking for another job.

  1. You are Not Learning

If you feel like there has been a plateau in your learning curve and your current job is not challenging you, it might be the sign to look elsewhere. You don’t have to learn something new every time you go for work, but there should be an improvement in your core skills and learning new ones. You can do this by asking to join a new project, sign up for courses, or going for seminars and conferences in your field. If you are not able to get these opportunities in your current workplace, then it is a sign that the company is not keen to invest in the career development of its employees.

  1. Constant Exodus

Have you noticed a lot of going-away drinks too often? Are the people working around updating their resumes regularly and also their LinkedIn profiles? If you start to notice that employees in the company are disgruntled (especially the ones who are good at what they do) and looking to get out of the company and look elsewhere, it could be an indication that there are better places to work out there – and there are options for you. This does not mean following the herd, but it should serve as a warning sign. Ask them why they are choosing to leave. The response you get from them might apply to your situation.

  1. Regular Restructuring

If the company keeps re-organizing and shuffling the management, it could be a sign of leadership issues. It is not a good sign when a company has three different bosses in one year. When there is a re-organization in the company, it provides you with a chance of stepping up and shining; but most of the time is a sign of something going wrong. It is going to create a challenging environment that will benefit your career development. Your focus, priorities, and progress are going to be affected.

  1. Headhunters are interested in You

The emails and calls you get from recruiters can be annoying – but you shouldn’t completely ignore them. When you notice a heavy volume of emails and calls, it can be an indication that the industry you are in is ‘hot’ and companies are looking for people like you (this is good because it means moving up and getting more salary). If you are smart enough, you will be able to use it as market research. You will know the people hiring, the functions are roles they are looking to fill and the salary.

  1. You Feel It is Time to Go

You should also listen to your gut. You know the work environment more than anyone. If you feel like you are better off working somewhere else, then listen to the voice and explore.


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