Simplify your life! Isn’t that what we’re all striving to do? Meet Bethanne Kronick of Camp Sherman, Oregon. She is passionate about helping people find productivity, balance and well-being in the workplace and in life.

Kronick started her company SIMPLIFY! in 2002. Her passion is helping people realize the true value of time coaching them on how to maximize efforts to get more done — the right things done — with less stress.

This passion grew from her own personal experience learning the value of time. In 1993, Kronick’s first husband was killed in a tragic car accident. Two years later, she lost her beloved father. These losses inspired her to treat time as the valuable resource it is and work to help others do the same.

Researching the latest science and trends in productivity and focus, Kronick teaches strategies, systems and best practices for getting the right things done so clients can feel every moment of their time is invested well – both professionally and personally.

Perry Shea, president and CEO of SCJ Alliance realized that his team could probably benefit from Kronick’s training but it wasn’t until after he saw the real changes implemented that he appreciated the impact on the whole organization. “The SIMPLIFY! training Kronick provided to our firm was the best investment we made in 2014.”

He noted that Kronick’s focused and deliberate training style helped the entire staff of technical and administrative professionals develop new tools to maximize their efficiencies and organizational skills. “She introduced techniques and training methods to enhance our daily work routines and provided invaluable one-on-one coaching to our team,” Shea said.

Beyond the practical systems and strategies, the trainings had an impact on the overall culture of the company. “The enthusiasm and energy of our staff have reached new levels and Kronick ‘s training and consultation will be a key contributor to our success in 2015.”

As an experienced productivity strategist, author, trainer and speaker, Kronick has expanded SIMPLIFY! over the past 13 years bringing other team members on board to help meet the growing need for on-site trainings, coaching and webinars. Popular topics range from time management, how to run productive meetings, email best practices and how to best use popular software programs for getting things done (Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint). An office in Portland and one in Camp Sherman keeps the team connected to regional and national clients in all areas of industry.

When Kronick isn’t working with her clients, she is pursuing one of her greatest passions – competitive rowing. You can often find her rowing at beautiful Suttle Lake. She set a world record in 2000 at the prestigious “Head of the Charles” rowing regatta in Boston that remained unbroken for seven years.
Kronick notes that her own passions to enjoy the best of Central Oregon and the outdoors keep her energized for the high intensity work she does with clients. “I fuel my passions for my work with my passions for the outdoors. Nothing energizes me more than spending time doing what I love in my free-time to help me be at my best for my clients. If I can’t live this authentically in my own life, how can I teach it?”

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