Skincare For Comedonal Acne


Acne is one of the more troublesome conditions our faces can suffer from, and dealing with it can really put you off your game. Nobody likes having a spotty face, especially teenagers who suffer from it most. Acne can make us more self-conscious and less confident, often resulting in being less happy than we deserve. With a range of treatments and skincare techniques being suggested all the time, many people want to find a simple answer.

This article offers some tips and advice for dealing with comedonal acne. By reading through what comedones are, and various ways of treating them, you should be more comfortable in fighting off these little bumps. The following tips could help to clear your skin from comedones and let you go about your day without worrying about how it looks.

What is Comedonal Acne?

Comedonal acne is a form of acne which involves small, skin-colored bumps appearing around the chin and forehead. These can sometimes be hard to see due to their color, Most people know comedones as blackheads or whiteheads, and they normally appear once people are already suffering from acne. Comedones come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to recognize them when they appear, so they can be treated.

People who are prone to this sort of acne normally have quite oily skin. If this is the case, a good skincare routine can help prevent comedones before they appear. Some other factors, such as smoking, can also make you more likely to get comedonal acne.

Fortunately, comedonal acne does not have the same appearance as the most common type of acne. The regular breakouts people get with normal acne are unlikely to occur with comedones. They also don’t appear as red pimples, so it can be harder to notice the issue.

Skincare Tips

The first step to clear your skin from comedones is to ensure you have a good daily skincare routine. Comedonal acne is not a hygiene issue, so some treatment will be necessary to see it off completely, however it is important to make sure you have healthy skin throughout the process.

Since those with oily skin are most commonly affected, a good place to start is by using a lotion which is designed specifically for oily skin. These are easy to find, and most moisturizers and lotions usually state a skin type like this on the bottle.

Also, if you wear make-up, you want to be certain that it is not contributing to the problem. Make-up can often clog up the pores of your skin, which leads to the trapped hair follicles which cause acne. Using non-comedogenic products will stop this from happening. It is vital that you take your make-up off correctly every night too.

When cleaning your face, it is important to be gentle and patient. Aggressive rubbing is likely to aggravate the problem, so spend half a minute wiping your skin gently in circular motions. You should try to wash your face after any exercise, and also before you go to sleep. This will lessen the chance of your pores being clogged.


Although keeping a good skincare routine will hopefully slow down comedonal acne, it is unlikely to stop it completely. If you feel like your acne is particularly bad, it is a good idea to have a chat with a doctor to see what sorts of treatments are available that would be suited to your skin.

In most mild cases of comedonal acne, over the counter treatments are sufficient for dealing with the bumps and spots. The main ingredients to look for in any acne treatments are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. Fortunately, these are the same ingredients that feature in a lot of lotions, so they are easy to come by.

More severe cases of comedonal acne will require a visit to the doctor for prescribed treatment, as the skincare products available might not be enough. Certain medications exist to deal with these exact issues, so don’t be afraid to ask if you think it could be necessary. Some of these treatments will also have the added bonus of making your skin less oily and softer.


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