Social Media Engagement Tips for Small Businesses


If your small business currently lacks a social media presence, you’re not doing yourself any favors. With enterprises of all sizes using popular social platforms to spread their influence and keep prospective patrons in the know, any business that wishes to remain viable in the age of social media must get with the times. However, as any seasoned web marketer can attest, simply being present on social media outlets isn’t enough – you’ll also need to actively engage your audience. If you and your staff have little to no social media experience, using popular platforms to their full advantage is liable to seem daunting. Fortunately, with the following pointers at your disposal, you can make your enterprise’s social media journey considerably less perilous.

Provide Prompt Responses 

No one likes asking a question or making a constructive comment only to have it go unacknowledged. Not only is failing to respond to follower queries bad for business, it’s also outright rude. If someone takes the time to put forth a thoughtful question to your enterprise on social media, the least you can do is provide a timely and courteous response. With this in mind, make a point of responding to any questions that come your way during normal business hours within an hour or two of them being asked. Not only will the people who posed their questions be pleased with your responsiveness, other followers are also likely to take notice of how obliging you are.

The more modern-day consumers feel that their input is valued, the more connected they feel to certain enterprises. Furthermore, the more connected they feel to a business, the more invested they are in its success. So, even if a business has its shortcomings, a fair number of consumers are willing to overlook them if their concerns are promptly addressed.

Post New Content Daily 

Although most businesses maintain some degree of presence on social media, not all of them are consistently active. If a business account – or any social media account, for that matter – only posts new content once in a blue moon, people are likely to lose interest and follower numbers are likely to stagnate. After all, it’s hard to keep prospective patrons engaged when you have no content to offer. To avoid falling into this trap, make a point of posting new content on a daily basis. Furthermore, make sure this content is designed to encourage follower engagement and generate interest.

While consistently posting new content is certainly important, you’ll need to avoid over-posting – i.e., overwhelming your followers with new content. For most small businesses, two to four new posts per day should be perfectly sufficient. Less than that is likely to take you off people’s radars, while more than that may prompt some followers to ignore or unfollow your account.

Hold Photo Contests 

Many small businesses are able to engage social media followers with photo contests. The exact rules vary, but in most cases, these contests involve captioning photos or submitting photos. In addition to promoting user engagement, photo contests will provide your enterprise with ample opportunities to connect with prospective patrons and build awareness for your brand. If you’re unclear on what to offer on the prize front, creating custom bags, clothing and other practical items that bear your company’s name and/or logo may be a worthwhile investment.

Abstain from Arguing with Other Accounts 

As anyone who’s spent a fair amount of time on social media can confirm, some people thrive on conflict. In fact, it seems like many people’s sole reason for using certain platforms is to engage others in arguments. Should you encounter this type of individual, it’s recommended that you avoid taking the bait and giving them what they want. Not only will this frustrate and exhaust you, it may also make you appear immature in the eyes of any followers who observe the exchange.

These days, no small business can afford to overlook the importance of social media. Even if you’re not a fan of popular social platforms or lack experience with social media promotion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a web marketer who won’t insist that you get with the times. While engaging in social media promotion for the first time can be a little intimidating, the measures discussed above stand to make the process much easier for everyone involved.


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