Soft Rubber Wetpour Surfacing is an Excellent Safety Surface for Kids, Providing Flooring for Playgrounds, Running Tracks etc


Installing wetpour for rubber surfacing it’s a great way to keep kids safe and happy when they are playing. Rubber wetpour it’s a surface covered with rubber crumbs, in the two-layered system. The granules are bound together with a polyurethane resin, in order to create a durable wetpour surfacing, suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. It’s an excellent choice for play areas and its highly popular due to numerous benefits it can bring in the long term, especially the safety feature for children but not only. 

  • Benefits of choosing soft rubber wetpour surfacing

They are numerous benefits of choosing wetpour safety surface. The most important one it’s that kids can play safely, with minimum risk of injuries, due to its increased absorption characteristic. Soft rubber wetpour it’s also a low-maintenance surface that can be cleaned easily with minimum costs. And because we are talking about the minimum cost, you should also know that in case it needs a minor repair, you can do it yourself with a repair kit. In addition to this, it’s a type of surfacing that resists all year long without problems. It has good drainage and this helps to prevent against holding water. It is also suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

  • Installing process

Professionals in the field will help you install the soft rubber wetpour properly and safely. This process can only be done by specialists, in order to provide you a secure area that will lower the risks of injuries. But once this surfacing was installed, you will benefit from its qualities for a long period of time.

  • Suitable areas for installing soft rubber wetpour

This type of surfacing it’s adequate for numerous grounds such as playground surfacing, schools and nurseries, care homes, parks, and other public areas, domestic gardens, residential facilities, golf clubs, etc.

The soft rubber wetpour surfacing it’s most commonly used in playgrounds due to its safety feature that cannot be accomplished by other types of surfacing. This type of surface meets the CFH (Critical Fall Height) criteria of safety due to its impact-absorbing properties

  • Available designs

Due to its benefits, this type of surfacing it’s the most popular choice when it comes to playgrounds. It’s available in different colors and models and it’s attractive, making the playground look very good, colorful and fresh. There is a great selection of wetpour design from which you can choose the desired one. Adding graphics to an area it can add an educational aspect, while it still looks great. You can choose geometrical graphics such as circles, squares, or insects (ladybirds, bees), sea creatures (dolphins, turtles, fishes), animals (crocodiles, elephants, giraffes), targets, footprints, roadways, trains, rockets, letters, numbers. They are also numerous colors from which you can choose. It can be also added a logo or a bespoke design.

Picking up one of these graphics will make the playground look happier and children will be enthusiasts to play in that area.

The playground design it’s crucial for kids. Choosing the right surfacing can reduce the risk of injuries because children are mostly injured when they fall from playground equipment onto a hard surface. Having a soft rubber wetpour surfacing lowers significantly the risk of injuries for children and it’s a must to have one that meets the security standards.

In order to be safe, the surface on the playgrounds must be soft, as a shock pad and absorb the children’s fall with no problem.

Using soft rubber wetpour surfacing has numerous benefits, as I presented before, from which we can remind the most important:

  • It’s safe
  • It’s durable and low-maintenance
  • has water-permeable surface
  • It’s environment-friendly
  • suitable for wheelchair access

Before you make the right decision it’s best to talk to the professionals in this field and set up a plan with your needs and what they can offer you. If you choose this surfacing for playgrounds or schools, you should also take into consideration the design and the wide range of possibilities they are. You can provide children with a beautiful and more important, safe environment in which they can play. 

The soft rubber wetpour makes the best decision you can make if you want to add safety to playgrounds, such as schools or nurseries, parks or other public areas, in which children use to play. 


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