SolAire Homebuilders to Showcase the First Tesla Powerwall Installation in Central Oregon


(Photo above: Rendering courtesy of Neal Huston & Associates Architects, Inc)

SolAire Homebuilders is proud to announce that yet another innovative custom home is arriving on the Central Oregon landscape: A Solaire Netzero Home featuring the Tesla Powerwall 2. The home, currently under construction in Eagle Crest, is the dream vision of SolAire’s homeowners, Jean and Reed Sloss.

Jean and Reed are committed to making sure their home is an example of the kind of homes we should all hope to build: homes that produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a year. The home, designed by Neal Huston and Associates in partnership with SolAire’s green building expertise, will be exhibited on the COBA Tour of Homes in July 2017.

Adding the first Tesla Powerwall 2 installation in Central Oregon to this high performance home, demonstrates once again the commitment that SolAire and their clients are willing to make in order to promote sustainable homes in our region.

“I am doing this for my children and my grandchildren,” explains Reed. Reed and Jean have from the very start committed themselves to all the principles of a Solaire Netzero home: passive solar and active solar elements integrated early into the architectural design, an energy conserving home shell, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and low consumption appliances and lighting strategies. But it is more than a home choice for Reed and Jean, it is a life style choice.

They are committed to making purchases and life choices that do not harm our earth’s precious resources. Currently driving a Tesla electric car, Reed has chosen to purchase a second one to replace his wife’s aging vehicle as well.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the latest innovation from Elon Musk, giving residential homeowners the option of on demand power in case of a power outage, for renewable power use after sundown, or to supplement power needs in homes when utility rates are high. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable battery system that can power an average two bedroom home for a full day. Energy from the sun creates electricity through a home’s photovoltaic solar system and is then stored in the batteries for later use.

Besides the attractive, sleek design, the innovation lies in the Powerwall’s integrated inverter technology that allows homeowners to draw power from the battery at any time they choose. Reed and Jean anticipate charging their vehicles with stored power at the end of a day or supplementing their power needs during a snow event.
Each Tesla Powerwall 2 unit has storage capacity of 13.5 kWh with a continuous power supply of 5 kWh. The Sloss home will have two Tesla Powerwall 2 units installed to ensure that the home will have enough stored power to electrify critical loads during emergency power outages or simply to self-power the home instead of pulling energy from the power grid.

“We are proud to partner with Jean, Reed, and Sunlight Solar to bring this exciting new product to the Central Oregon homes we build,” adds Cindi O’Neil, vice president SolAire Homebuilders. “We have been eager to see the TESLA POWERWALL 2 come into production and pair it with a custom Solaire Netzero home. And we are thankful that Sunlight Solar has worked together with us over the last six months to help advise our clients and make sure their staff are certified to install this innovation in our new homes.”

SolAire Homebuilders continues to be dedicated to bringing future minded, custom homes to their community and valued clients.


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