Solutions for the Financial Barriers Impacting Home Buyers & Builders Exist Now


(Stan Amy, Michael Parkhurst and Patrick Quinton | Photos courtesy of Bend Chamber)

We all know that we’re in a housing crisis here in Bend and that it impacts the local workforce. Bend and Central Oregon businesses are having difficulty filling positions due to the lack of housing, and we are seeing employees travel farther away in order to find affordable places to live. We know creating more inventory is the solution, but how do you make it pencil out?

“This issue is not new. We’ve been talking about it for a long time,” said Katy Brooks, Bend Chamber CEO.  “What is new are the strides that some private sector and nonprofit organizations are making in breaking down the financial barriers of home ownership. They’re doing this through creative and innovative solutions that are already on the market or soon to be available.”

One example is a shared equity model, where renters can save over time through the increased value of the home they are renting. The panelists at the next What’s Brewing on May 14 will share their insights on how their projects use this to help renters save for a down payment on their own home in the future.

Learn more about creative solutions like this that can help ease the financial crunch of the housing crisis and as well as innovative development plans for Bend. This won’t be just more talk about a problem that is already identified… it’ll be powerful insights into what is being done about it. The panelists for this session will include:

  • Stan Amy, Director, Northstar Civic Foundation
  • Michael Parkhurst, Program Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Patrick Quinton, CEO, Dweller

This session will be co-moderated by Katy Brooks, Bend Chamber CEO and Carolyn Eagan, City of Bend director of Economic Development.

Event Details

Date:    May 14, 2019
Time:    5-7pm

Location: 10 Barrel East Side Pub
Cost: $25 Chamber members, $35 general public ($5 more at the door)

Registration and info at


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