How to Spend Less Time on Social Networks


Social networking has revolutionized the way people connect with friends and family members and has quickly grown as a marketing tool. However, social networks can also cause procrastination. People find themselves scrolling through pictures and videos for hours seeking connection, entertainment, and social status. The problem lies in too much social media—when you are constantly turning to a paper writing service for help or don’t have time to take care of yourself or have fun, because you are too busy on social media. Keep reading for tips on how to spend less time on social media.

#1: Use Social Media Marketing Tools

It can be hard to stay away from social media if you need it to spread information about your business or a project you are trying to start up. Rather than visiting each site individually, start using a social media marketing tool. One way these tools can be used is to publish across all your sites at once. They also make it easy to track and respond to comments, respond to messages, and manage your company’s public image.

#2: Collaborate Away from Social Media

There is nothing wrong with collaborating with friends or coworkers on your latest group project. To stay productive, try taking your work away from social media. Collaborate on a document sharing website or get together at the library or someone’s house. There’s no reason to spend hours scrolling through social media when you can just get the work done and not worry about it. If you want to have fun afterward, go out to celebrate instead of going home.

#3: Kick the Multi-Taking Habit

When was the last time you thought yourself a genius because you mastered doing more than one task at a time? Even though people think they are working faster by multi-tasking, it actually slows them down. Think of your brain as a computer. The more tabs you have open, the greater lag there is every time you switch to a new page. Your brain needs time to adjust to new tasks so when you are switching back and forth, it just isn’t productive.


Think about how difficult it would be to do arithmetic problems while looking for a paper writing service and taking a phone call. This would be difficult. Even though it seems like social media is easy to manage as a secondary task, it is incredibly distracting and prevents you from getting work done.

#4: Monitor Your Time on Social Media

Do you really know how much time you waste on social media every day? It can seem like a little bit here and there isn’t a big deal. However, a few minutes here and there can add up to hours at the end of the day. Download a time-tracking app and track how much time you spend on social media each day. Then, make an effort to cut back on this time. You can reduce a little bit at a time. If you spend three hours each day, challenge yourself to cut back to 90 minutes. Then, you can cut down further from this. Don’t think of this as a punishment. Think about how much more you can do in your newly found free time.

#5: Set a Social Media Schedule

One way to cut back your time is to set a schedule. Decide how many minutes of your day you are willing to commit to social media. For example, you might spend 10-15 minutes at lunchtime and give yourself another twenty minutes after school or work. If you have trouble sticking to the schedule, set an alarm. When it goes off, stand up and do another activity. It helps if you do something you enjoy, but you should get satisfaction out of your daily tasks as well.

#6: Unchain Yourself from Your Cell Phone

People have become obsessed with social media because their cell phones allow constant access. However, when you are constantly taking pictures or keeping up with likes on social media, you cannot immerse yourself in real life. Start by making a ‘no phone at dinner’ rule with family and friends. You can also take a few pictures during an event, but not at the expense of missing out on the action. Focus more on having fun and living in the moment. If you can’t skip out on the temptation, leave your phone in the car or put it on silent and forget about it for a while.

Social media is a great way to connect. From fellow peers to coworkers and fun with friends and family, it can be easy to get lost for hours on your feed. When it is taking you away from work and life constantly, social media becomes a problem. Hopefully, this article will help you get your social media addiction under control.


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