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Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you want to know how all those musicians become popular on Spotify? Do you want to become popular too? Sure you do. As a musician you understand that building your career on any music-streaming service is a tough thing to do. And it is almost impossible to succeed fast without some help. Let’s talk about Spotify, musicians, Spotify promotion, and your career prospects in general.

Where are you now? No, not geographically. In what point of your music career are you right now? Are you at the start? Or in the end? Or in the stable middle? In reality, it does not matter for what I am about to say. There is a way, a universal way, how to make your career on Spotify successful. And it is just the way, every modern popular musician does its thing. You may think that they are so popular because of their music, but no, they are popular not only because of that.

All those musicians we see in top-charts of Spotify are popular because they know how to utilize Spotify promotion. They know when and how. And I will teach you that. Because I am sick of young musicians abandoning their work just because someone has an advantage. I am talking about promotion. All they do after the release is starting the promotion campaign. All those services supply them with new traffic, and that’s why they manage to hold the attention.

And while you don’t have such instrument as Spotify promotion, your results will never be as good as theirs. You can upload as many songs as you want, as frequent as you want, but it will never change the fact of you lacking behind. All good music needs a push in the right direction, some additional velocity, some impulse. Promotion is exactly that impulse. By playing fair you will equalize your chances, and it will be a fair fight, where your music will prevail.

The promotion is usually a set of actions that leads to increase in traffic and activity on your account or song. You can boost the number of your followers, plays, monthly plays, likes, etc. All those parameters are important, because the recommendation system on Spotify uses them to determine the popularity of the creator. And the bigger numbers you have – the bigger is your value for the algorithm. If you have good popularity coefficient, your tracks will be featured in popular playlists, top-charts, and user recommendations. That’s what we want. We want to get to the listener, get into his queue “next”. You will be really satisfied with the results, because your growth won’t stop after the promotion, it will continue. You use promotion as a starter, to help you out in the beginning. Good luck and godspeed!


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