How to Start a Plumbing Business


If you’re equal parts expert plumber and enthusiastic entrepreneur, then you should seek to start your own plumbing business. Doing so will see you be able to make a living out of your talents while allowing you to avoid having to work under somebody else’s rule. When, how and where you make your money will be entirely down to you.

Being your own boss in the plumbing world does come with its fair share of trials and tribulations as well, though. To see what you need to do to circumvent them and really get your plumbing business off the ground, read on.

Become a certified plumber

Of course, before you make any moves in regards to starting your own plumbing business, you have to become a certified plumber. This means getting yourself on a trade school program, learning all of the necessary skills, understanding what it takes to be deemed a trustworthy progressional in the field of plumbing, serving some time as an apprentice, choosing a specialty, and getting your career up and running.

Get your equipment

How much equipment you source is entirely dependant on the size of your business operation. If it’s just you on your workforce, then you need only source the amount of equipment you are going to need to be able to perform your day-to-day tasks as an individual. If you’re working with others, then you need to ensure that everybody has the right amount of tools to be able to do their jobs.

Your equipment expenses should be comprised of things like pipes, fittings, and tools, but most of your budget should go on a van or truck. Your vehicle of choice should be one that is capable of taking you and your workforce wherever you need to go, and it should be able to hold all of your equipment safely.

Register your business

To be able to do business in the trade industry legally, you must register yours with the proper authorities. If you don’t, quite simply, you won’t lawfully be allowed to receive payment for the work that you do.

The business registering process differs from state to state, and you must comply with the rules that are set in place in the geographical location that you wish to trade in. It means getting appropriate licensing and a permit.

Create an online presence

Today, the need for your plumbing business to have an online presence is massive. If it doesn’t, customers will not know of its existence let alone be drawn to it.

In this instance, the first thing you must do is align yourself alongside a digital marketing partner who has a particular specialism in Plumber SEO. Such a partner will help you boost your reputation as a trading business, it’ll help you to generate leads, and it’ll help you to boost your customer base. Something else that you should do, particularly when you are in the business of helping out a local area, is register with Google My Business as this will see your company appear on Google Maps.

If you want to start your own plumbing business, then make sure to put the above advice into practice.


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