Stress Buster Workshop in Bend Offers Healthy Solutions for Dealing with Stress


(Photo above: sisters Christie Reid & Cindy Cowmeadow | courtesy of Synchonicity Wellness’s Facebook page)

Two sisters from Bend have joined forces to host a special event that will focus on healthy living to reduce stress. Christie Reid and Cindy Cowmeadow are launching Synchronicity Wellness with a 90-minute Stress Buster Workshop to honor their mother who passed away from cancer six years ago. The workshop will share fun and simple ways to reduce stress, improve nutrition, boost exercise and above all, offer a healthy start to the New Year.

“Ever since our mom passed away, we have become more and more interested in healthy living,” said Cowmeadow, Principal and Co-Founder of Synchronicity Wellness. “She cared so much for others and their wellbeing. So we would like to honor her by having this workshop on the anniversary of her passing.”

The workshop will be held on Monday, January 11, 2016 from 6-7:30pm at Hawthorn Healing Arts in downtown Bend. The cost is $15.00 per person or two for $20.00. The first six guests to register receive VIP gifts and all guests will receive goodie bags, healthy snacks and a refreshing evening.

Reid and Cowmeadow started Synchronicity Wellness as a way to share their passion for exercise, dance and nutrition, specifically how they can have a positive influence on reducing stress.

“Stress was a major contributor to our mother’s death,” said Reid, President and Co-Founder of Synchronicity Wellness. “It affects us all sometimes in ways that we’re not even aware of. So we are very excited to share ways to counteract stress and live a long happy life.”

This workshop will be one of many hosted by Synchronicity Wellness throughout the New Year. While the focus will be on stress and how it affects your daily living, Reid and Cowmeadow will discuss the importance of exercise and nutrition and demonstrate fun ways to get moving. They will talk about 10 “superfoods” that help reduce stress and provide hand-outs and healthy recipes to take home.

Combining their expertise and ongoing education, Christie Reid and Cindy Cowmeadow bring a unique and dynamic perspective to Synchronicity Wellness. Together they will help men and women make positive choices with their eating habits, exercise routines, and daily living habits. They will help individuals reach realistic goals and live happy healthy lives by using an everyday approach to wellness. Reid and Cowmeadow offer nutritional therapy and personal health coaching, in the future they will also offer fitness and dance classes as well. For more information, please visit them on Facebook or email

Christie has an early-childhood certification and is currently enrolled in the Health Coaching Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She will also receive her Jazzercise Instructor certification in February 2016. Cindy has a B.S. in Psychology and is currently enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Both of them have 30+ years of dance experience and are excited to offer many different classes in the near future.

Synchronicity Wellness
Christie Reid & Cindy Cowmeadow
Event; January 11th, 6pm – 7:30pm @ Hawthorn Healing Arts


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