How To Succeed With Leaflet Advertising


Have you tried leaflet advertising in the past but been a little disappointed with the results? Do you think you need to print leaflets or flyers again but are reluctant to go through the process for fear of wasting money? Leaflets and flyers can be highly effective for promoting a business or an event. But they do need to be carefully planned and designed in order to be effective.


If you want help with designing flyers for printing, take a look at these key pointers.


Your Headline Contains the Most Important Words

Whatever text you put on your leaflet, the most important will be in the headline. When designing leaflets for printing, consider your headline first and foremost. The majority of people will only read the headline of a leaflet or flyer. Your headline should focus on your biggest benefit for your audience and what really matters to them. It should draw people in so they read the rest of the leaflet. Make sure that you spend a considerable amount of time planning your headline since this is the standout area of text on the flyer.


Ask Them to Do Something

Along with your headline, you must include a call to action. Many people believe that this is so obvious they don’t need to think about it. It may be obvious to you since you know your business, but it has to be completely clear to your audience, too. Be very specific with what you want your readers to do. For example, call to book a free website design consultation. Or visit the store for 30 percent off trousers. Include only one call to action.


Answer What’s In It For Me?

Chances are there will be plenty of businesses in your line of work that are competing for the same clients. Tell your clients, in your leaflet, what benefits they will get from coming to you, and why they should choose your company above someone else. You will get this information from your USP and this can then be added to your leaflet in the form of a direct benefit for customers. A good way of making sure that you are answering this question is by focusing on benefits rather than features. Sell the idea that you are answering a need and not just providing a service people need.


Don’t Forget About the Back

It doesn’t usually cost much more to print the back of the leaflet as well as the front, and it makes a difference in terms of how many people see your message as well as gives you more space for your message. You can also use the back of the leaflet to add a map, a case study, a testimonial, or even a very short article.


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