Success for Central Oregon Inventors Network First Meeting


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The meeting was attended by over 45 inventors and individuals interested in product development.

The first meeting of the newly formed Central Oregon Inventors Network (COIN) meeting was held last Friday night at the Bridge, 48 Bridgeford Blvd. DIYCave and E::SPACE Labs have co-organized this group to bring inventors and product developers together for discussion, learning and networking. “We were pleased with the large turnout and involved attendees. We have a tremendous resource of talented people in Central Oregon and COIN will help give this inventors community a focus of resources,” said David Robson of E::SPACE.

The recently founded COIN is a social event for inventors, makers, product developers, entrepreneurs and creative minds to get together for discussion and learning. Anyone and everyone interested in the product development process can attend to meet others of a like mind.

The next meeting of the COIN is Friday, February 26, 6-9 PM at the Bridge, 48 Bridgeford Blvd, Suite 180.

Tyrone Hazen, a local inventor and entrepreneur, served as MC and several inventors spoke about their projects and some of their technical problems. In an interesting group discussion, many individuals in the crowd offered possible solutions. Dave Danek, a co-founder of DIYCave, gave an inspiring discussion of the principles and goals of DIYCave and the positive impact of developing a community of makers.

Our meeting will have an “open-mic” component where anyone can step up and speak to the group about their product development “thing”,, an idea, a service, or whatever.

Anyone can join the group at this site and get on the mailing list. They are an informal group and there is no cost for the membership. does a great job of keeping everyone in touch in a meetup group and will send out a reminder of the upcoming meeting.

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DIYcave, a Makerspace in Bend, OR, is based on a premise of self reliance, responsibility and sharing. The opportunities available at DIYcave are limited only to the imagination of the creator and proper execution. DIYcave is an environment in which ideas and expertise can be shared and everything from common problems to imaginative visions can be achieved.

E::SPACE Labs LLC is a technology incubator dedicated to assisting in the development of the electronic hardware industry in Central Oregon. This is accomplished by providing engineering lab space, courses focused on skills needed to design micro-controller/micro-processor devices and business mentoring to startups in the high-tech electronic device market segment.

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