Summertime Birds of Prey Flight Program Returns at The High Desert Museum


(Photo courtesy of High Desert Museum)

Hawks, owls and falcons featured in Raptors of the Desert Sky

Continuing through Labor Day, September 5, the High Desert Museum’s Raptors of the Desert Sky flight program is scheduled for daily departures at 12:30pm. Featuring raptors of the High Desert such as hawks, owls and falcons, these birds literally pass right over the viewing crowd as a Museum narrator explains about each bird’s biology and its role in the environment.

“Raptors are magnificent, powerful birds, often chosen as symbols of nations,” said Louise Shirley, curator of natural history. “Seeing these birds flying up close provides visitors a good understanding of the agility and different flying abilities of the birds and connects them to conservation issues threatening these birds.”

In addition to the smaller to mid-sized birds, a golden eagle and two turkey vultures represent larger birds of prey in the show. One of the vultures demonstrates locating prey by smell, a trait that is well-suited for these carrion-eating birds. The daily line-up of birds in the flight program varies, but generally features four or five species.

Tickets for Raptors of the Desert Sky are available at Admissions day of the show and cost $2 for members, $3 for non-members, in addition to general admission. Tickets are sold until noon to allow for the 15-minute walk to the flight program area north of the Miller Ranch. A wood-bark trail leads to the viewing area and is not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.

For additional information, visit or call 541-382-4754 ext. 241.

About the High Desert Museum: Through exhibits, wildlife and living history, the High Desert Museum creates learning experiences to help audiences discover their connection to the past, their role in the present and their responsibility to the future. The Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1982.


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