Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Launches New Website 


Every great adventure begins with gathering information. The starting point in Sunriver is visiting the Sunriver Area Chamber of  Commerce’s new website. 

Chamber Executive Director Kent Elliott says the new website contains valuable  information for residents, business owners and guests to the Sunriver area. “We created the website so it’s easy to navigate. Whether it’s where to go to  dinner, Sunriver’s unique history, local events or Sunriver’s many recreational  opportunities, it’s easy to find as well as visually stunning,” Elliott says. “Sunriver is a welcoming place, and we wanted that reflected in the website. We welcome people to visit here, live here and do business here and strive to be the  best resource for all.”

The new website was a collaboration of the Chamber, The Marketing Department  and Wholesum Media. 

The Marketing Department President Anne Marie Daggett says it was an honor  and privilege to work with Elliott and Chamber President Dan Youmans along with  Mike Olarrea of Wholesum Media and Kristine Thomas to create the website. 

“I believe the new website reflects the community spirit and the energy  of Sunriver while sharing everything Sunriver has to offer,” Daggett  says. “Sunriver is an oasis that welcomes everyone from tourists to business owners. The new website was designed to be a pleasurable experience for  visitors, and I believe depicts the energy and ambiance of Sunriver. The  collaboration was invigorating, and it shows in the site.” 

Visit to view the new website.  



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