Sustainable Practices: Can “Going Green” Actually Be “Good For Business?”


If you’re someone who enjoys that morning stop for coffee to get your day started, then you’re like most hard-working Americans. But did you know that the sleeve that goes on your disposable coffee cup to prevent burning your hand is a product made from recycled materials?

You probably didn’t know that, nor did you probably care, but the point was to make you aware that businesses all over the world are responding to the global imperative to go green, and this imperative has quickly transformed into a consumer demand as well. A survey conducted by Engine Group revealed that over 80% of people respect companies and brands that implement green practices.

For many people, it’s quite refreshing to see companies that show concern or interest in important social matters and aren’t just out to get the money of shoppers. You may not realize it but shoppers want to make green purchases but it’s sometimes hard for them to tell if a product is green or not. And busy shoppers aren’t going to spend all day investigating, either.

What did this mean for companies? It meant they had a unique opportunity to make green purchases a lot easier for eco-friendly shoppers. Companies started to place recycling and sustainability information on their products to inform customers of their practices. By putting this information on products, it made shopping for green products much easier for consumers, and in turn, businesses made huge profits.

Sneaker brand, Adidas, partnered with Parley for Oceans to produce 7,000 limited edition tennis shoes made completely from plastic waste found in the ocean. Those sneakers sold out almost immediately. That just goes to show you how going green can be good for business. But going green shouldn’t be just for show or for profit, either.

There are many other ways businesses can go green and still benefit from it as well, all while helping save the environment. If you’re interested in energy-efficient incentives or learning about how you can make your business more eco-friendly, here are some ways to run a ‘greener’ business.

Ways Your Business Can Go Green

Switch to Alternative Electricity

To power an office building, it requires lots of electricity. Everything from the lights and computers to telephones and printers/fax machines, much energy is required to power these energy-draining buildings. Traditional electricity from fossil fuels is what’s used to power most office buildings, and that’s usually because of the misconception that if the sun isn’t visible, the building “won’t work” or that it’s too expensive.

Not only is that the furthest thing from the truth but having solar panels installed isn’t the only way businesses can utilize alternative electricity. Lots of businesses are unaware of their ability to change providers and compare energy rates. This will not only lower the monthly electric bill for a company but it will also allow businesses to pay a fixed rate for their electricity instead of a fluctuating bill.

Go Paperless

We currently live in a digital era and the more that can be done without the use of paper, the better. And if you do have to use paper for something, at least let the paper be made from recycled materials or if not, don’t just throw away the paper you don’t use… at least recycle it.

Utilize the Products and Services of Green Suppliers

Just how consumers support your business because of your green practices, you can pay it forward by utilizing the products and services of green suppliers. Everything from cleaning products and hand sanitizers to office equipment and coffee supplies, support green suppliers as much as consumers support your green practices.

Replace Lights With LED Lights

Most buildings are lit with fluorescent lights or incandescent light bulbs but that doesn’t mean your business has to use them. True enough, LED lights are a bit more expensive than traditional lights but these lights use far less energy and last longer, and turn out to be cost-effective in the long-run.

Run Your Business Remotely

Does your business really need to be run from an actual office building or would your employees be able to work from home? This is an important question to ask yourself because if you can eliminate the bill of paying to rent an office space, this would save your business a significant amount of money. In addition to that, you wouldn’t be utilizing extra electricity and your employees would be happy that they’re at home and can work in their pajamas!


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