Technology Association of Oregon Offers Technical Placement Assistance Program


Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) recognizes that as the silicon forest continues to explode with growth, the desired candidate pool is becoming aggressively more competitive. TAO offers the opportunity to save your company money and improve the level of service on current recruitment and placement services.

Through a partnership with IGNW, Technology Association of Oregon, members will receive a discounted rate on recruiting and placement services through the Technical Services Program.

Commitment to Contractors: IGNW is a Full Stack Digital Transformation Company with a nationally renowned Resourcing & Staffing Division. Having IGNW represent you means that you have access to more than 100 different clients nationwide, as well as access to a bench of engineers, workshops and trainings, technical certifications and more.

Sign Up with These Simple Steps:

  • Register HERE
  • An IGNW team member will schedule a call or meeting to discuss support needs.
  • IGNW will issue standard TAO Technical Services Program MSA.
  • Your IGNW Client Representative will facilitate candidate submittal directly via your preferred method of submission.

Not a Technology Association of Oregon Member?

If your company is not an active member of the Technology Association of Oregon, Technical Services Program alone makes membership worth considering. Member dues are a fraction of what you’ll spend searching for your next talent, or having that role unfilled for an extended period of time. Email to find out more today. 228-5401


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