Test Your Fitness & Athleticism at the Ranch Challenge Obstacle Course Event May 29, a Benefit for Harmony Farm Sanctuary


Ever wonder what it would be like to work on a ranch? Here is an opportunity for you to test your stamina, strength and agility in our first RISE Ranch Challenge Event at 9am Saturday May 29, in Bend. 

The RISE Ranch Challenge is an obstacle- and challenge-filled course about three miles long that combines cowboy and ranch-style obstacles. Individuals and teams will test their natural strength by completing typical farm tasks and utilizing their athleticism by building and going over the hay bale obstacles and test their aim and steady hand on the lasso target obstacle.

What: Approximately three-mile ranch-style obstacle challenge course to test natural strength and athleticism. Both individual and team participants. Special Lil Buckaroos Challenge for those under ten years of age.

Ranch Challenge Obstacle/Challenge examples: 

All farm- and ranch-based obstacles and challenges. Based on work done at Harmony Farm Sanctuary. Fitness components: Stamina, strength, agility, power and a skill component. Hay bale hurdles; burpee between hay bale stacks; rope climb over hay bales; wheel barrel task; feed bag carry and load; hay net fill and carry; water bucket carry; negotiate a water crossing; lasso challenge; and, for teams only: a hay bale pyramid build and summit.

When: Saturday, May 29, 9am start time

Where: 65432 Deschutes Pleasant Ridge Road (Deschutes Sheriff Posse grounds) in Bend.

For more information and to register, visit: risechallengeevents.com/ranch-challenge.

RISE EVENTS produces a series of themed obstacle races held around the country. Each event features unique obstacles and challenges to match a specific theme. Each Challenge Event supports a corresponding nonprofit organization.

The Rise Ranch Challenge benefits Harmony Farm Sanctuary,  a vegan farm animal sanctuary specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected and abandoned farm animals located in Bend. Harmony Farm Sanctuary creates a space to rehabilitate farm animals who are in need of being rescued and nurtures the connection between humans and animals.


Founder/Director Tammy Kovaluk. is a sport trainer and strength coach based in Bend. As owner of Rise Challenge Events, she produces the annual Rise Troops Challenge, Battle HD and now the Rise Ranch Challenge. With years of experience coaching everyone from the professional athlete to beginner, Tammy holds obstacle training and functional fitness classes.  A previously competitive amateur boxer, cross-country runner, triathlete (competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, 2009) and elite obstacle-course racer, Tammy currently trains for and competes in grueling ultra endurance events. She was first overall in the 36-hour Ultimate SUCK and other similar events. risechallengeevents.com/about

Harmony Farm Sanctuary holds a special place in the race director Tammy Kovaluk’s heart, not only volunteering there weekly for two years, but personally raising over $2,300 in 2020 by embarking on a very tough 24-hour challenge called the Devil’s Double. (See details of Tammy’s Double Devil Challenge in  2020 Double Devil’s Challenge

What’s a Devil’s Double Challenge? It’s 25 miles + 1,100 pushups + 3,000 crunches + 1,100 jumping jacks  + 1-mile burpee long jumps + 25 miles rucking with 35-pound sandbag in pack + 200 ruck overhead presses + 400 ruck pushups + 600 ruck squats + 1-mile buckets carry with 35 pounds in each bucket.

Tammy’s goal was to complete the Devil’s Double Challenge in less than 24 hours to honor Joe Decker’s anniversary for World’s Fittest Man (Guinness World Book of Records) and to complete the challenge as a fundraiser to support Harmony Farm Sanctuary. She was not only successful in completing the event in 20 hours and 51 minutes, but she raised $2,300 to support the Sanctuary.

She is currently training to beat the Guinness World Record for 12 hours of burpees (attempting 6,001 burpees), on June 5. This record attempt will also be a fundraiser for Harmony Farm Sanctuary. Her goal is to raise $6,001 in a combination of funds and hay/supplies for Harmony Farm Sanctuary through the Rise Ranch Challenge and Burpee challenge.




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