The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer


A trailer is a great tool for hauling large and bulky items that do not fit inside a van and are too bulky for quick unloading. But ones that stay level at all times require more effort and time to load and unload, which slows down general productivity. A tipper trailer makes loading and unloading bulky cargo much easier and quicker to accomplish. The ability to change the bed’s angle greatly improves worker efficiency while enabling you to get more work done.

How a Tipper Trailer Works

A tipper trailer is a relatively simple concept that elevates the trailer bed at an angle to enable a gravity assist when unloading. The tipper also makes it easier to roll a vehicle or other heavy wheeled object onto the trailer bed. A hydraulic jack slowly rises and tilts the trailer’s bed so that bulky items, like dirt, gravel, and dry brush, all slide out.

Workers can adjust the angle and push items out from inside the trailer safely and quickly. Most tipper beds are hinged at the rear, which stays mostly in place while the front end rises with the hydraulic jack providing the lifting power. Some tipper beds are hinged on one side for unloading on the side rather than the rear.

Adjustable Trailer Volumes

Among the many great things about a tipper trailer is its ability to adjust to your work needs. You can add mesh extensions that hold more cargo volume and cover the top with a tarp to stop items from blowing out while traveling between work locations. Good models include ring latches that make it easier to lash down the loads and haul items far and wide without disrupting local traffic by losing some of your load along the way. When you get to your destination, the tipper feature makes for a quick and efficient unload.

Special Features Make Tipper Trailers Better

Virtually all tipper trailers are customizable to make them the perfect trailering tools for your hauling needs. In addition to adding side mesh screens, you also can add internal partitions that better organize tools and equipment for work on the job. When you arrive at the work location, the tipper trailer can elevate the bed and make tools more accessible for workers. Sturdy tie-down loops ensure you can load a Bobcat or other heavy equipment and tow it safely to the worksite for fast implementation.

Save Money on Used Tipper Trailers

Possibly the best feature of the tipper trailers is the simple and sturdy construction that makes them virtually bulletproof. Their simple construction and sturdy nature gives tipper trailers a very long service life while requiring relatively little maintenance and repairs when compared to a tractor-trailer or similar conveyance. An outstanding supply of used tipper trailers for sale hold their value very well and will help you to get more work done and turn a better profit more quickly. Just adding one tipper trailer to your supply of hauling equipment will give you more flexibility to get more work done.


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