The Business of Gambling: How Do Casinos Make Money?


Some of the top casinos out there are known for raking in money, day after day. If you gamble online then you will see that the online platform has an atmosphere that can easily be compared to a regular casino. On top of this, it is tailored to whatever market you are playing in, whether it’s the US market, the UK market or anywhere else in the world. If you want to find out more about how casinos make money, then take a look below.

The Handle

The first way that a lot of casinos make money is, believe it or not, through the handle. It doesn’t matter what game you play because the handle is super important to the gaming operator. A “handle” is the total amount that the players have placed in bets. In table games, the player will put their bets in the handle and this is made up of either cash or chips. The game can go two ways, the player can win or they can lose. It’s very easy to confuse the handle with the drop. The drop is money or credit that has been exchanged for chips. If you look at blackjack, for example, then the metal box at the edge of the table is known as the drop. Players will put their credit slips or their bills into the box. If you have never played online, then you should know that it works in a very similar way. If you want to know more details about this, and try your hand, then find More info at casino.


All about the House Edge

In every bet, the casino has a statistical advantage. This will help them to make more money and it is known for being the house edge. The advantage that the casino has is what makes this game a real gamble. The outcome is not known and both parties have the chance to win. There are two different sides to the house edge, the casino win is the amount of money that the casino has when the players have placed their bets. This amount can easily be negative if the player wins more than the casino happens to be holding. A slot machine may well have $100 which is inserted by various players. Over the day, it may be that the slot machine only pays out around $80. In this instance, the casino will only make around $20.

The same thing applies to online casinos. A random number generator ensures that there’s no bias to the edge, though. Similar mechanics, alongside others which are more adaptive,  are used in video games.

A good example of the house edge would be roulette. This table has a double and a zero option. In roulette, the casino has an average house edge of around 5.26%.  At the end of the game, the casino has the chance of getting around 20% of the money. This means that for every $100 that is inserted, the casino comes out with around $20.

This is how the casino makes money, and even though people can win, the casino always has the advantage.


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