The Considerations Before Buying A Commercial Garage Door


Commercial garage doors also play a vital role in the business industry. Of course, from the inside of every business establishment, up to the outside look, business owners would always want to ensure that everything will flow smoothly as expected.

The use of commercial garage doors may vary depending on the type of industry where a certain business belongs. Well, it could be in the automotive line, retail, warehousing, and any other. But, one thing is for sure – the function of every commercial garage door remains constant and fixed. And, it is to keep garages protected needing it to function great hundred percent of the time. Of course, the commercial garage door’s appearance also matters. Would you want your business establishment to be unpresentable in the eyes of consumers? Even commercial garage doors add curb appeal to the business. If you are using one and you have been noticing that yours always break frequently, then maybe, you are considering buying a new one. What should be the considerations you must know?

To better help you get the best commercial garage door for your business establishment, it is equally important to know some points about the type of the garage door, how it can be energy efficient, the maintenance costs you are probably to incur, and some guides to know if yours needs to be repaired already.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

While talking about commercial garage doors, you should be aware that there are two major types – the sectional and the rolling ones.

Sectional Commercial Garage Door

Sectional Garage Door is the usual and most common type which is used for both residential and commercial purposes. This type of garage door is built with much speed, thermal efficiency, tested security, and of course, expected amazing durability. Manufacturers are offering sectional commercial garage doors in different styles, colors, panel profiles, and more. Before checking out if you are to buy a sectional commercial garage door, you need to ensure that there is an adequate side room, headroom, and backroom. Also, you can choose those with great insulation and have the ability to handle fire and wind fine.

Rolling Commercial Garage Door

Another type of commercial garage door is “Rolling”. Such type is usually fabricated in either steel or aluminum with interlocking slats winding around a certain barrel located in the above portion of every garage door opening. If your business is about warehousing, counter service restaurants, or shops servicing automotive, this could be the best type for you.

How Energy Efficient the Commercial Garage Door Is

Most business owners who are in the look for commercial garage doors always consider choosing those that are insulated. Apart from the benefit of durability and security, insulated doors also improve energy efficiency. Commercial garage doors can be created out of polyurethane or polystyrene insulation. Between these two, polystyrene is a better insulator making this one be considered a better choice for upgrading purposes. Also, there is a need to check out the thermal efficiency or R-value. These two could change depending on the location where the door is to be installed. Take note that those with high R-value give better performance compared to those with lower. So, make sure that you will also check this out.

How About Maintenance?

In every purchase of any material, be it garage doors or not, there is always a need to consider the need for maintenance. Commercial garage doors that are built out of aluminum, wood composite, or steel are known to be low maintenance and durable. If you are using one made from natural wood, then yours needs some additional maintenance measures. There could be a need to have that sanded and sealed after a few years.

Commercial garage door repairs are also part of the maintenance needed. According to Canadian Garage Door Repair Surrey, when it comes to knowing if yours already is needing some repair, you should know that there are important points to consider including the appearance of your garage door, the noises you are hearing from it, the alignment of the door, the springs, and more.

All in all, before getting a commercial garage door for your business establishment, always make sure that you are knowledgeable enough. Remember that this is as well an investment that you are going to make.


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