The importance of research in corporate website design


When you set up a new business or launch a startup, it’s very important to see yourself in the settings of the overall market. When you lack the big picture, you become centered on your business without knowing what the market needs and what it can give you to succeed. In other words, if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s critical you know the tendencies of that “crowd” and can use them in your favor. That’s why corporate web design implies more than just the design process.

Let’s start from the basics. Essentially, corporate website design is a process of crafting a web platform for a business, applying various design decisions and techniques. Also, it implies designing a corporate identity that will be a business representative number one. Corporate identity, in its turn, includes a set of brand attributes that help distinguish and differentiate this business from another. It includes logo, brand color palette, business name, typography, etc. Still, corporate identity is depicted not only through the visual. It has another meaning that is intangible yet significant.

Corporate identity is a way the public sees your business and perceives it. And it aims to show consumers a summary of your brand and your company in a way that will involve and engage. And to make that happen, it is necessary to apply various strategies and perform several steps – from creating the brand personality to launching communication channels. So, if you want to create an excellent corporate website, you have to keep in mind that it requires you to focus on multiple things at once. Besides the attention to detail, you’ll need a dedicated team. There are many corporate website design London professionals that can help you. But in truth, you need to be aware of the corporate web design processes so that you, as a business owner, together with a team of professionals can double the effort to achieve success.

And the first thing you should do as a business representative is to conduct versatile research on your company in general. That will provide professionals with a more precise understanding of your business and help them generate design strategies perfectly fitting your needs and business objectives. So, what does the research include?

Market analysis

It’s almost impossible to develop a corporate identity and build an excellent corporate website if it doesn’t align with the needs and tendencies of the market. When analyzing the market, you start seeing the big picture and understand how you can fit these settings. For instance, you need a corporate identity for your e-commerce business. You’ve analyzed the market and have found that your competitors employ social media networking and feature links to their accounts on their corporate websites. Naturally, you want to use social media as well. Then you go to the corporate website design professionals and inform them you need social media to be included in the corporate identity. Thus, you get a clear strategy that is research-proven, while the design team understands what you need and what they have to do to make that happen. Also, when researching competitors, you can find some useful references or vice versa – see their mistakes and escape them in your corporate website design.

Target audience research

The importance of this type of research speaks for itself – your customers are a central part of your corporate strategy. Based on their needs and preferences, you form an identity that would easily involve and engage with them. For instance, if your primary audience is stakeholders or investors, you need to focus on your company’s financial achievements, reputation, and business activities. And here, your corporate identity will act as a tool to transmit all this information. You can showcase the success indicators on your corporate website or post some statistics. Besides, you can design a review page where to collect all the reviews and social proof.

If your target audience is the consumers and buyers, your corporate design strategy will be more customer-centered. It means you will need specific design decisions that will aim at involvement and engagement with the users. It includes various interactive elements or visually enhanced components. In other words, the content you provide on your corporate website should land with your target audience’s particular interests.

Regular performance research and analysis

After you’ve launched your corporate website and crafted a good corporate identity, you might think the work stops here. In truth, it should continue. Most people underestimate the power of regular research. But it is a valuable tool not only for the design but also for your business performance. And when researching your corporate website performance regularly, you can easily spot some of the mistakes you’ve missed previously and eliminate them. That helps you to manage your performance and improve it.

Wrapping up

All in all, the research is a significant step on the way to the success of your corporate website. Not only it helps you to generate the proper design strategy from the beginning, but it also ensures research-proven solutions that are sure to be efficient.


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