The Most Innovative Inventions In Gaming & How We Can All Learn From Putting The Customer First


When it comes to online gambling, the industry is always one step ahead of the game. Brands have the financial clout to be continually adopting the latest technology, while there’s also more pressure on them to ensure player security and look after welfare than almost any other industry too.

This has helped them transform into one of the industries to watch when it comes to tech, new features on offer and customer service, and a lot can be learned and then adopted into other industries, from the likes of retail to travel and more.

But what are the most innovative inventions and features that has really taken the likes of bookmakers, casinos and bingo sites to the next level?

Random Number Generators

If it wasn’t for random number generators the industry would simply not be worth the billions it is today. Online casinos and bingo sites have been able to develop serious trust between themselves and players thanks to the usage of tried and trusted random number generators (RNGs).

If you’ve ever wondered what a random number generator is, they ensure each game is fair and all outcomes are completely random. They work by spitting out sequences of numbers every millisecond which are then tied to a specific outcome. When a player clicks spin on a slot, or play on a bingo game, the sequences then transform into the specific outcomes which are reflected in the game.

While they don’t necessarily reflect any other industry and aren’t really useful, the authority they have, especially as gaming sites in the UK must use ones that have been approved by the UK Gambling Commission, it does show how important trust is between consumer and brand.

Live Streaming

The sports betting space is an incredibly competitive one, so brands have to work hard to ensure their offering is the most appealing to a player. One feature which many brands have looked to is live streaming, and that’s continuing to grow.

It essentially offers a one-stop shop for fans to get all they need within their experience. They can place their bets on an event and then watch it live, or even bet in-play.

What’s more, bookmakers are completely transforming the way football is consumed and how the rights to stream games are distributed. While many European games have been available to live stream for a number of years, betting sites have more recently got the rights to stream the FA Cup in what is a landmark deal that could see other competitions follow suit.

Integrating Video

While we’re all enjoying a Zoom quiz or chatting via video currently, casino sites have been using this method within their gameplay for some time through Live Casino. This is designed to offer a more life-like experience than ever before and make gaming more immersive.

That’s expected to continue as casino brands start to adopt virtual reality technology within the likes of poker, so players play as if they are sat around a real Las Vegas casino, no matter where they are in the world.

Virtual reality is expected to be huge for a number of industries, and how the gambling industry performs with it could be instrumental in how other industries adopt it too.


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