The Talent Market Is Hot — Here’s How to Keep Your Cool!


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With talent in great demand, making a great first (and ongoing) impression has never been more critical. An employee experience that encourages engagement brings tangible results. Employee engagement increases productivity by 21 percent, business profitability by about 22 percent and decreases absenteeism rates by 37 percent. Review these tips on creating a positive talent experience to attract and retain better talent and build long-term relationships with employees.

Make a Great First Impression

Start your hiring process with a quick and easy application. Schedule interviews at times convenient to them. Give them an estimate of how much time they need to block off. This is essential if they are currently employed.

Communicate Frequently and Clearly

Explain the hiring process, including who must weigh in on the decision and how long it’s expected to take. Provide regular feedback and updates, and always follow through on your promises.

Benchmark Compensation

Hiring is not an issue you can resolve by just throwing money at the problem. Analyze how you compare to competitors in your market or industry and adjust accordingly to attract the most in-demand talent.

Onboard for Retention

An onboarding program that makes employees feel welcomed, confident and empowered can go a long way toward getting a new employee off on the right track. The quicker you make them feel like part of the organization, the sooner they are fully engaged.

Top Priorities for Today’s Employees Include:

  • Compensation and benefits that reflect the worth of their skills and experience.
  • Flexible work options like remote work and flexible or part-time hours to

enhance work/life balance.

  • Training and development opportunities to advance their career.
  • Ongoing performance feedback to improve themselves rather than waiting

for annual reviews.

  • Working for a company with a culture and brand they can be proud of and feel

they are doing meaningful work.

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