Things One Must Know before Trading ETF


Many of us get allured easily for opening an ETF trading account and start investing. The problem is that without knowing about this market so closely, rushing towards the market based on the shiny profitable case studies of the others can seem a suicidal attempt. Here we will discuss the things that are really vital to start ETF trading, and without a proper understanding of these, beginners may feel overwhelmed in the long run.

List of issues to know before trading:

1.      Trading plan

Without having a comprehensive plan, investors cannot achieve a long-term success as the market is so volatile, and they should be prepared for odds and outs. A bulletproof action plan supports all the way regarding trading and implementation of the checklist becomes so easier. Without effective planning, the possibility of the mismanagement will be so higher that it will become so tough to come to the right track again.

A goal helps to predict the possible outcome in advance and work as a map to attain measurable benefits. The risk can be gauged from the start, which reduces the amount of loss in future. Experts say that they become successful repeatedly as they follow a plan at the beginning, which helps them to apply the same proven strategies. Make sure you can find quality trades by using advanced tools from the smart trading platform saxotrader. Skilled Singaporean traders always emphasize on the proper use of trading tools, as it determines the quality trade signals.

2.      Trading journal

Plan and journal are totally different things, and one should not be confused over these. Journal indicates the historical progress during the execution of the trades that we note down in a diary. Keeping a business log is very helpful as it helps to improve the strategies in future based on past actions.

If you have already started you FX trading without keeping a journal using pen and paper, you are missing the key elements of the professionals. Experts become the winners as they learn from their mistakes. Only greenhorns do not care about their wrongdoings and keep making the same mistakes again and again. Professional investors write down their experience according to dates and ruminate the steps which gave success.

3.      Deposit

Honestly to say Forex trading needs huge deposit if you want to make a handsome living. But it does not mean that a person with little deposit cannot start their career in this platform. One can start the execution of the trades even in $10, but for this, he needs the help of the brokers with their leverage power.

Leverage helps to execute trades in the least amount based on 1:10 ratio. Using this opportunity, your ten dollars can work as the investment of the thousand dollars. But, leverage is not free from demerits too as amateurs lose their FX account often due to taking so much leverage and making a great amount of loss in the end.

A thing an investor should realize that he is taking the leverage from the broker and this facility is working as a loan to him from the broker. Therefore, taking so much risk using the leverage may ruin the career in a sudden bearish market. Because, you have to return the money from your account what your broker had given you in the beginning as a leverage.

To the bottom line, it can be identified that new investors must be concerned about the fact that Forex trading is not gambling, and there is no scope of taking action based on excitement. If we cannot think clearly at a certain time, we should move slowly. Because taking a slow action can be better than the wrong activities which cannot be undone. Experts control their emotional balance based on regular exercise, and a beginner can follow their path and try to apply all these things, we have discussed here.


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