Things You Can Do Using 1 Bitcoin


Some people have really high expectations from bitcoin, and why not? We are talking about how bitcoin is going to take the place of the fiat currency; hence the high expectation is worth it. But most of us have a very limited idea about bitcoin, and we fail to understand how it actually helps us. Well, not all bitcoin is just used for investment.

I have been using bitcoin for quite some time now, and I can tell you or assure you that one bitcoin can be used to do a lot of things that you might not have ever imagined.

Things You Can Do Using 1 Bitcoin

There are many things that you can do using one bitcoin, and probably you have never tried to use it. But today, I will tell you what all you can do using one bitcoin only.

Some Gold

Isn’t that fun? You can actually buy an ounce of gold using one bitcoin. Hence the option is your hand; either you can buy a bitcoin and struggle to keep it safe online, or you can also choose to buy some gold that you can keep safe in your vault at home. Of course, an ounce of gold is nothing, but you can obviously gather more ounces and keep it as an asset.


Well, in my opinion, if you are thinking of buying Ethereum, selling your bitcoin, then you are not thinking it alright. If you have bitcoin, then you must buy bitcoin only if look character-wise, then bitcoin and Ethereum both are the same.  Hence if you wish to buy bitcoin and then sell it off to buy an Ethereum, then I would say that there is no point doing that.

Buying NetFlix Hours

You are capable of buying some NetFlix hours by using your bitcoin; even if not very much, you can buy some hours. One bitcoin will give you a dozen hours to watch your NetFlix, which is good enough to spend your weekend with. You can easily buy some NetFlix hours, which means by using one bitcoin, you can earn at least 77,341 hours, which will allow you to watch great content.

A Flight Across the World

A bitcoin can buy you some mileage, using which you can travel all across the world once and one way.  If you are willing to try, then you can get some tickets and give it a try; you can fly almost all across the world. Your dreams will be fulfilled. You can also buy both way ticket to a particular destination.

Some Weed

Not everyone would be interested in it, but some would definitely be interested. Weed is consumed almost all over the weed and especially by the young generation who are very regular at weed consumption. The price of marijuana varies from state to state and country to country. One bitcoin will help you to buy some 6 ounces of marijuana. You can get some weed for a few days; if you wish, you can avoid using cash and buy the weed just with bitcoin.

Eat Some More

Another Best thing is that with one bitcoin, you can buy some pizza; if you want to have pizza, then you can use one bitcoin. You will be able to have some pizza using a single bitcoin; at least you can have 2-3 of your favorite Pizza with one bitcoin. Nothing could be better than this, not only pizza; you can also buy some burgers. You can buy at least 3-4 burgers using one bitcoin. That is like a full meal to satisfy; in other words, you can live on a single bitcoin for at least a day or two.


These are the most interesting things that you can do using your bitcoin if you wish to try it out, then start trading your bitcoin using the bitcoin cycle. This will help you to get an idea about what all you can do with bitcoin or what else you can buy.


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