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If you are running a company, it’s understandable for you to be wearing multiple hats performing numerous tasks to manage the daily business activities and reach the business goals. While this is great for the business to reach greater heights, it’s vital for business owners as well. Take a step back and take a look at the big picture to identify the problems, business opportunities and critical situations.

As a business entrepreneur, it’s important for business owners to see the big picture and work on their business activities like setting goals, defining the strategies, leading their next level managers, creating a value and communicating the vision across the company.

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Importance of seeing the big picture

  • Performing routine and monotonous tasks has all possibilities to break you down. If you feel you are stuck in this, get out of it and take a step back to see the “big picture”. Having the big picture in your mind always helps to keep you in hot pursuit of your destination. Your eyes will be set on the ultimate goal.
  • When you want to make a judgement as the business owner, having the big picture in your mind will help you take decisions in favor of your organization with full confidence.
  • When the big picture is clearly communicated to the organization, everyone’s effort is channeled towards this broader scope. Sharing the big picture in fact makes the business a lot more meaningful to individuals in the organization.

Strategies to see the big picture

While it’s easy to get lost in your daily efforts, it’s crucial for you to look up and see how things are moving on and ask yourself “Are you doing the right thing?” How effectively can you take a look back to answer this question? Here are a few strategies for business owners to effectively see the big picture.

  1. Take time to think

“Is this really a strategy? “You might think. Don’t underestimate this step! As a business owner, it’s all about daily activities, to-do lists, meetings, phone calls, and urgent deliverables. Urgent tasks take the top of the productivity pyramid while the most crucial tasks take the bottom.

Don’t let time take over you! Block a time every day to think about the big picture and see if you are progressing in the right direction. Select a time when you are the most productive! That will help you think better and clearly.

  1. Identify specific business goals

Most businesses have become successful by considering a single business idea and working towards it. You might have lots of creative ideas; but take the “one” idea that you feel might create the difference in the industry! Say, you want to build a new product or redesign an existing product – break this big chunk of work into actionable business goals with specific

timelines. Then, ask yourself questions like why you want to do this, what benefits it will have, what will be the impact and see if you can get answers to these questions. If you get this step right, then you have played the first half of the game to perfection.

  1. Develop a sustained growth plan

Next, identify the three to five business initiatives that your company will deploy that will create an impact on the business and achieve the business value. It’s very important you take these two business decisions seriously. It’s your business and you are responsible for the success! The right plan and strategy will reflect on the way the company operates to achieve the desired business results.

  1. Know your business value

Over a period of time, it’s crucial for business owners to value their business to make important decisions. Understand the values that your business is creating and what really helps to create these values (business driving factors). Spotting the driving factors will help to market your business better than your competitors.

  1. Know the numbers (data)

Numbers don’t mean the account statements and bank balances! Get a thorough understanding of all the key performance indicators (KPI) that will influence your decision making in the business. KPIs will provide an overview of your business and it helps to measure the progress of your business initiatives. Depending on the KPI numbers, business owners can take further course of action to reach the desired targets.


Many organizations struggle to sustain in the market while few businesses reap the success benefits in a year or two. It’s important for business owners to think of the big picture and drive the growth of the organization. Communicate your business goals and business values to your company individuals clearly. This will make the business more meaningful to them and propels them to put in more efforts for the benefit of the organization.


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