Three ways that Kuran Malhotra helps businesses to succeed


Born in New Jersey, Kuran Malhotra is a bilingual graduate from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. His hard work and dedication during his time at university got him a place on the Dean’s list for his majors in Finance & Operations and minor in Economics, and he holds a BS in Business Administration. Throughout his life, Malhotra has had a passion for finance and technology, and has used this interest to help a number of small businesses to grow and succeed.

Here, we look at three ways that Kuran Malhotra has helped businesses to succeed, and why his skillset makes him the perfect choice for this role.

Kuran Malhotra has plenty of financial knowledge

Kuran Malhotra has a real passion for financial literacy, which means that he knows a lot around this topic – despite many others finding it difficult to understand. If his friends have any financial questions, Kuran is always the person that they turn to, as they are sure that he will know the answer. In response to this, Malhotra says that through sharing his financial knowledge, everyone will be better off, which is why he is best-placed to help out friends and support businesses too.

One highlight that shows how skilled Malhotra is in finance is that he was awarded with the 2019 Credit Union Rockstar Award during his time at university. This was because he was CEO of the largest credit union entirely run by students – the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (GUASFCU). Malhotra started out as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) but was soon promoted to CEO following a vote by the board of directors (who were all also students). His impressive track record as CTO made him the obvious choice, and he went on to streamline the credit union’s financial processes and rework contracts to save them around 30% of what they were spending before. In doing this, he also made everything more efficient, secure, and automated. 

Kuran Malhotra can help with fusing finance with technology

In addition to finance, Kuran Malhotra also has an interest in technology, and by combining these passions he is able to help businesses to grow and develop through implementing new processes. This was shown in his time working for Compass Coffee. Starting out as a barista, Malhotra went on to become a bookkeeper and then an assistant to the accountant on staff. He became responsible for managing a lot of the company’s finances, and decided to rebuild their accounting system to make it more efficient. Through doing this, he taught himself how to code, which is another skill that allows him to help businesses to succeed. Thanks to his work on their financial processes, Malhotra made investments for Compass Coffee which enabled the company to grow, as these investments were put into building out their infrastructure.

Kuran Malhotra is experienced in marketing

A skillset that Kuran Malhotra has running alongside finance and technology is marketing. As previously mentioned, he taught himself to code when working for Compass Coffee, and this is a very useful skill when it comes to helping businesses. In fact, he taught himself a whole range of coding including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and C++, making him an important asset for any company. Malhotra can use his coding skills to build websites, and is also able to create business cards and fliers – perhaps using his photography skills too. He boasts knowledge of SEO, which also helps him to build impressive, effective websites, and graphic design, which can be used for a whole range of different marketing channels.

Kuran Malhotra’s hobbies

These three ways that Kuran Malhotra can help businesses to succeed are very impressive, but he isn’t all about finance and technology, as he also finds time for a range of hobbies. As a big sports fan, Malhotra loves to play soccer and he is a talented swimmer too – he was actually the captain of his varsity swimming team at university and spent some time working as a lifeguard. He also has an interest in horse racing as his dad owned his own horse, and he is learning how to speak Spanish in his spare time. However, above all else, Kuran Malhotra’s strongest passions are for financial literacy, business, and technology, which is why he has already come so far and achieved so much in a short space of time.

If your small business could do with a boost from Kuran Malhotra, you can find out more and contact him on his website:


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