Tipping the Movers- A Complete Guide


Finally, you are moving after all the hard work and all is set; you have packed moving boxes and labelled them well. A team of professional movers has arrived and helped with all the moving activities. Most people recognize the effort of the relocating team in moving your whole household from one place to another.  Though tipping during moving is neither required nor encouraged by the moving company, acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of a hardworking team with a tip is a good idea.

How Much Tip Should You Give

Irrespective of how much do movers cost, you need to show your courtesy to them if they performed an excellent job. Tipping is a very common social practice as we often tip our favourite bartenders, chauffeurs, and salons service providers. Generally, people give a tip of 15 to 20% of the total bill at a restaurant or hair salon but moving is a very rare event so the tipping rate for movers cannot be calculated in the same manner. You can consider paying 5 to 10% of your total moving cost as a tip to the movers. Break the amount equally and divide it evenly among all the movers involved in the process.

Although it is wise to acknowledge the efforts of your professional moving team with a reasonable team, some important factors should be considered while deciding the tipping amount. For sure you would not like to pay a tip to them if their services were not up to the mark. So, you may want to tip your movers differently based on their services.

How Organized They Are

It is right to tip them well if your movers have helped you with all moving-related tasks and they are doing everything from the scratch. For instance, if your movers have sorted and labelled your moving boxes well, it makes sense to tip them a little extra.

They have Packed Your Goods

Most moving companies include packing services in the moving cost and packers and movers are often different people. Make sure you tip both packers and movers as packers ensure the safety of your lovable goods while packing. Tip them for perfection and effort while packing your delicate and breakable items.

Weather Conditions

It is highly recommended to tip your professional moving team well if they are working in extreme weather conditions. Along with tipping, make sure you have arranged enough drinking water for them if you are moving in scorching hot weather. Ask them to take breaks in between their work and take a little rest in the shade. Similarly, if it is snow season, try and arrange some hot drinks for them. Though arranging food and/or beverages are also a form of tipping, you may still give them some money. As, if your movers are doing a splendid job in extreme weather conditions, you would definitely want to tip them a little extra.

Working Hours

If you own a big house and have a big move, it may take much longer than usual to move your stuff. While it takes 7 to 10 hours for moving an average home of 3 bedrooms, it may take longer for a big move. If it takes much longer for your movers than they planned, make sure you tip them well but if the move is delayed because of their unorganized work then you should not consider yourself obligated to pay anything extra. Don’t fall for their smart but lazy act. But if they are working hard and well, make sure you pay them for their extra time and effort. They would definitely appreciate a good tip after a hard workday.

If They Are Using Stairs

If your apartment is located on a higher floor and there is no lift, that means your movers are carrying all your heavy stuff by stairs. Lifting goods on stairs is a very laborious task and your movers deserve a good tip for all their efforts. You would definitely like to pay extra for all their extra energy and time as they have saved you from long hours of laborious work.

Size and Weight of Furniture and Other Heavy Items

Do not forget to consider the number of heavy items. If you have many heavy and large items to move, it is right to acknowledge all the extra effort made by your team of professionals to handle those items well.

In the end, if your professional movers have transported all your goods in safe and sound condition and within time, it is a rule of thumb to pay them a good tip. Tipping is a way of appreciating an individual’s effort. While you are paying a big amount to the moving company, paying a little more to its employees will be much appreciated by them. Having kind and friendly movers are some of more of their qualities that you may like to consider while tipping them in the end of the move?


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